Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lets Just Say, There Are the Long Days, There is this Dumb Luck, There is a Brand New Way Opening Up

Action packed weekend I'm making a feeble attempt at cataloging.

Minnesota comes to Texas, its freezing up there, hot as the dickens down here. First things first, snap a picture in front of the Alamo, then head to Austin.

I actually like that Crockett Hotel in the back of the Alamo, it looks like a really cool place. The Alamo, ahhhh, one of the first signs of good ol' Texan testosterone.

Somewhere in the middle of the weekend we rolled over to Bernie's to check out random cool stuff.

Antics from the Elephant Room before the Lyrics Born show. the place was hoppin'.

Ashley and her crazy hand tat. She was doing a show that night and was all dressed up cool.

Me and Mike D taking our customary 'mean looking' picture. It was Mike D's birthday last Saturday, happy belated to him :)

Abbey and Jen, boy I love this picture of these two sistas, they are sooo funny.

Then it was time for a Gman / Jeannie bday celebration. How about starting with a picture of Deb and Gman.

Followed by a cake with 84 candles, like Jamie said, CALL THE FIRE DEPT! Kudos to Jamie on the cake :)

Do they have enough air in their lungs to blow that beast out?

Mummy and Jamie

Mr Ghetto shorts and Jolen

Mr Ghetto shorts, Jolen and gang signs

Gman laying by the Beck's minikeg

and finally, GMAN with all the loot :) --

More elaboration to come on all this, at some point one of these years.

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