Sunday, November 04, 2007

Like a Hero or The Champion, You are the Best, You're the Best, Like Religion or Superstition, With You I am Blessed, With You I am Blessed

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, boy do I have a love hate relationship with these boys. I see Allman Brothers, E-streets, Price, Marvin Gay, and Lenny all rolled up in one package.

I guess the reason they're in San Antonio was Bass Concert Hall in Austin was booked for the evening, at any rate, the crowd is totally different, at one point, boy yells out 'come see us in Austin' and 3/4 of the crowd start cheering.

Highlight was the Bill Withers 'Use Me' cover, and the dynamics, and the steel, and the....well, you get the point, pretty damn good show.

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