Thursday, November 15, 2007

You've Got to Stand for Something Or You'll Fall For Anything

One of my heroes came out for the guy I want to win president. On what premise? The ability to answer a simple question. Think of your favorite politician, and if they can't give a straight answer to a simple question, you're playing the role of a politician and not a pragmatist who's main goal is to overcome.

Sure the politics is gummed up beyond belief, I'd say its the erosion of an empire, and that's not my 'left wing blame America' attitude talking, but rather looking Nero burning Rome while the senate had a finger up their a$.

I vote my conscious on who I think will sway the boat at least in the right direction away from lobbyists, limit senator terms, bring back the pocket veto, you know, all that common sense jazz that's been lost in the shuffle.

I haven't heard Clinton give a clear answer on even a simple question. I don't want another Bush, nor do I want another Clinton in the White House. I thought keeping the same surname in power over and over was reserved for Monarchy not Democracy.

I want someone who understands technology, and I also want cheap trips to Europe: I want that candidate that can give me back that.

Consequently, I'll be at the Obama rally in ATX on Saturday if anyone wants to join.

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SG said...


Reading about the debate last night, it seems that Hillary is providing more clear answers that our guy..

Specifically around national security over human righs. Obama was vauge, Hillary took a firm stand.

(Maybe the question was planted)