Saturday, December 15, 2007

give me peace of mind and trust, don't forget about the rest of us

You know, I used to be a troll about politics. I used to get caught up in what's left wing and right wing politics, what media supports what, etc. I used to muse about how one party talks of torture and Jesus, and the other global warming and social programs. Now I let the tribal nature of us gravitating to political parties and the white noise of society behind.

My intiuition says the cost of negativity counts and this proves to me that when politicians want to sling mud, there are a group of loyalists, including myself who will stand up and be counted.

I just support the person who my intiution tells me to support. I've done blogs and other cool digital ways of supporting. Now it's time for yard art in Shiner, and if I had a yard in the city, I'd do the same.

Check out my brother Ronnie with the Obama sign :)

March 4th is the Texas caucus, before that I'll be having some bbq's and beer sessions in support of my candidate, putting my money and time where my mouth is, and doing it with conviction.

My hand goes out to the dignified man from Kansas running a clean race for the presidency.

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