Monday, December 10, 2007

Look Around Could It Bring Somebody Down If I Never Made a Sound Again

Ahhh, Superdrag, the first time I saw these fellas was 1995 opening for Ben Folds, I can't believe its 12 years later, and while back in the day, the happy tunes got me bouncing around in mosh pits, well, kinda mosh pits, and now they have me thinking about something else.

Overused corporate phrases, but for now just this comes to mind.

Often times you'll get the following answers 'it is what it is' and 'Yes and No.' I used 'it is what it is' every now and then, and I'm trying to break myself of the habit, for often times I don't feel that's an appropriate answer, and I think its the easy way out. YES AND NO in an answer totally baffles my mind. Can't the asker / answerer slice that question a little bit thinner?

I'll leave it with a favorite quote from a wise old sage 'When all is said and done, there will be more said than done.'


meghanwarby said...

i think that in these times when we grapple to find synergistic solutions in a globalized world - we are left with one option - thinking outside of the box. to unlock the inherent opportunities herein, we need to start leveraging our relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that we continue to deliver 110% to our clients.

Mike P said...

What the hell kind of crack-pot, half baked response is that Ms. Warby? I am calling bullshit. Are all you Canadians smoking dope? It's obvious that duplicitous answers such as "Yes & No" to pertinent personal/business questions are moot and basically fucking annoying. Grow a pair, choose a side or if you have insufficient data, research and get back to me. Trying to candy coat such responses as anything but ludicrous and idiotic only exacerbates the bullshit factor.