Monday, December 03, 2007

My Damascan Road’s my transistor radio

Sometimes I get worked up about 'how messed up everything is right now' in politics, but after 20 hours into a 100 lecture series on the history of the United States, I have a different tune, a much different tune.

I believe every red blooded American should be exposed to this, especially the types how are embedded in political parties to a fault. Factions of special interests with a 'limited life' turned into political parties that lasted past these interests that would dissolve. One thing about American politics, nothing ever dissolves, and certainly nothing ever gets settled.

The 'ideology' of the time of the creation of the country was virtue, commerce and liberty and with it all came corruption, hence the dreaded 'checks and balances.'

The divide was from the beginning between Hamilton and Jefferson, Hamilton set up the economy, Jefferson was a country boy who thought banks were the devil and didn't like the tax on whiskey from his farm products. Since then the next in line thought he was going to 'fix' what the other person had 'broken.'

What makes me so proud of this country is that it was broken from the beginning, and look where we are at. Pretty damn good for a mix of unemployed, criminal and homeless coupled with corporate greed that was 'dumped' here in the first place. The world turned its back on the people that came here during colonization, for various reasons, and the history and heritage is deep and rich.

We learn the pendulum has always swung both ways, for better or for worse.

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