Sunday, December 09, 2007

Santa Clause if You Can Hear, Can I Please Change my Mind, I Don't Want that Bucking Horse

Christmas in its pure form, generally speaking is people wanting to be with their families and friends. However its turned into black Friday, stress, bills, budgets, what do I get for who, and in a mad rush, the personal nature and the personality of the holiday has been stripped, not to mention where did all the religious aspects of it go?

Signs of hope is seeing my brother in law toil away with his yard decorations, seeing kids enjoy decorating the tree, and just the general comfort enjoyed by the companionship.

Even the Shiner family has spirit, my brother climbs to the top of the house to outline the frame. Very nice, and this is the BACK of the house, the one mom walks through when she enters, he did it for her, not for the Jones's.

As for me, its the fiber optic tree once again :)

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