Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So This is Christmas, And What Have you Done, Another Year Older, and a New One Just Begun

Tidings to catalog on the blog for future generations. What's been occupying my thoughts in no particular order.

1 -- Normalcy -- Amazing how having the right person in your life clears your mind, puts it at ease, gives you something to look forward to, gives you support and guidance, and in my case provides the foundation while I go for the empire.

2 -- Six Sigma Blackbelt -- Time consuming it is, probably the sole reason 'the blog' has taken a hit. Instead of coming home and 'thinking about things', I pop open this 1,000 page fine print book and do some reading. Going out? What is that anymore?....and all things considered I'm feeling fine about it.

3 -- Christmas -- When I was a little kid, the vivid memory from Christmas eve was playing GI Joe vs Gobots by our gas stove, while everyone was asleep, not really understanding why I got all these presents, but what the hell, Leader 1, go kick some a$$. All the hustle and bustle and 70 degree weather, please help me look back at this one day and find the beauty in Christmas. Help me 'see the other side.'

4 -- War is Over -- All this talk of who wants this and who wants that and listening to my favorite Christmas song reminds me that things NEVER change when it comes to humans. Emanuel Kant had one foot in relativism and one foot in romanticism, and he's one of the 'coolest' people to ever walk this earth, my thoughts are with him.

5 -- Absolutes -- It's the year I trade in extremes, understand the status quo, and work within the game to improve the game, the players, the world around me, and most importantly myself.

6 -- Social Networks -- It's amazing, the year where 'you' are the person of the year. That means people are becoming more and more self absorbed as the tools and technology get better for integration. Its that damn yin and yang thing coming back. It's amazing how people won't aggregate relevant information to their peers, but they sure will put pictures on them dancing on tables and getting drunk at the club. I send email out frequently, and never get a response, I guess everyone is too damn busy.

7 -- Assumptions -- I've run into so many people and have had so many friends that assume they know what other people are thinking. I've fell victim of that many times this year too, and I'm glad to finally nip that problem in the bud. Well that line that assumption is the mother of all f*ckups is correct. I'm glad to have someone special near me that is a great communicator and knows who she is, that way we communicate on a fundamental level. If you can co-exist peacefully there, it's a sign of good things to come.
What a year, a year where I've taken self-enrichment to a different level. It's been a year I've been able to progress in quantifiable ways as a human being. Most importantly it's been a year in which I've been able to focus on what's important, and that's made a world of difference.

Stay tuned for my top 10 albums of the year,
maybe not all from this year, but I found out about them this year, so I'm counting them.

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meghanwarby said...

Looking forward to the list - regardless of whether it's all '07s or not. Enjoyed the values/issues breakdown. I've been grappling w/ this big stuff, too. In a total un-rational-need-perspective Hail Mary pass, I re-contacted Peg's friend, kramer (of astrofish fame, do you remember when i got my reading b/f leaving ATX in March '05 & burst into tears?)...so I feel like I just had a mental massage...this reaffirms the big picture stuff i should be thinking through instead of b.s. minutia that plagues me. thanks for writing this.