Tuesday, January 08, 2008

and the ones who run this land help the poor and common man

General Ramblings on Politics

For the Democrats, its not about determination, its about getting a fresh face in there, and not fighting the same battles that were fought in the 90's.

1 -- Its amazing the dynamics of this country, how Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina can predict the leader of the free world.

2 -- It's amazing a 'good turnout' is still less than 5-10 percent of the population

3 -- I love women and I want a woman president, but I don't want one that rides on the coat tails of the tired past.

4 -- I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but there is something with Clinton's and the media.

5 -- I like grassroots campaigns, they are more inclusive of people in general. 500,000 people giving 25 bucks each is better than a couple dozen 'hillraisers' giving a million bucks each.

6 -- For the young at mind and young at spirit, what's exciting, that's what you need to ask yourself.

Most problems are so big, all it is is political rhetoric, vote for the person who is the most binding one.

Regardless of party, race and gender, change is what we should vote for, that won't happen with a divided nation with a Clinton in office, and for the first time in my life, I'll vote Republican.


toni said...

I couldn't resist...


I joined the rEVOLution and there's no turnin' back...

I gave my $25 bucks a few times over...

I have yard and fence art...

And I am not about to accept that Iowa, NH, and SC will decide who our leader will be.

SG said...

Alright, I am onboard. I just gave $25 to the Obama campaign. Based on his loss to Hillary in New Hampshire it may be a long battle.