Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny like the bomb between my teeth when we kiss, You pulled out the pin with your own sweet lips

First time for 'real snow' in 20 years! A therapeutic visit to Jolen in the frosty north. Loads of pictures, here are a few for the hallowed pages of the blog. For millions more, join facebook and check them out.

My first wiff of cold air, I'm like 'holy sh*t' is this for real? For the first few days it snowed, it was amazing and beautiful, and cold I must say. Luckily I was met with a handmade scarf and hat (for an extremely big head!). Jolen said it took a mighty big ball of twine to knit that, and she even had to go above and beyond the call of the design to accommodate my big ass noggin.

My first ever snow angel. My big wide-load behind sure did displace a lot of snow. Notice the snow pants, big jacket, nice boots.

Its International Falls, the icebox of the nation. Here it was around -10, and boy can you feel it. Sure can't take a deep breathe of air when its that cold, or maybe I just wasn't doing it right.

The road going to International Falls, right on the Canadian border. When the snow blew over the road, I was getting nervous as the Chevy rolled over it. Yea, I'm totally not used to anything.

Duluth, an amazing city, great vibe, really nice all around. Here's a lift bridge, we're out there around midnight and lucky enough to see a ship go under. The road raises, ship goes under. Only one other like that in the world, I think it's in France.

My first experience with walleye, not the most memorable, but I hear when its fresh, its hard to beat. Don't I just look rich and dignified with that scarf on?

I like these pictures, but Jolen is often off to the side. Here I was resting my tired ass from trudging through the snow. Notice the hat, reversible too!

Duluth, warmer by the lake festival. Check out all the people sledding down the hill. We did this on New Years Eve.

Finally, we did a tad bit of ice skating. I had extremely bad skates, Jolen is a skate ninja.

All around great vibe as we covered nearly 800 miles of terrain in Minnesota. Here, There, and Everywhere.

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RB -- sounds like you are doing WELL!!! Drop a line or give a ring sometime - Jamo