Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Watched the Ice Melt on the Glass, While the Elegant Young Pilgrims Pass

I used to be in the boat of watching ice glass, while the pilgrims pass. I used to let the moment define me, I used to think much more 'left brained.' However you want to articulate the 'catch phrases,' there have always been 'pilgrims.'

Borrowing from the book I'm reading, we go from monkeys to farmers to factory workers to information workers and now into a conceptual age.

These pilgrims have always been around, from the age of the diggers, who were the first to form agrarian societies, and I'm sure there were progressives before them. Commonly we think of pilgrims who were the 'friends' with the Indians, now I see what the history books didn't go deep enough to see back in the day. These were are radical and progressive groups 'dumped off' here in America, regular society didn't per se, want them around. These folks formed the foundation of our country, and the 'rest' of the people watching the ice on the glass just filled in the blanks.

These were the doctors, lawyers, business persons, etc that every society needs to function. There's always been wealth in these functions, but on the onset of new ideas and the shift of culture, there's not as much 'prestigue' for them. These detailed professionals don't really like the jar to be shaken. What do you mean my Harvard Law degree isn't what its all shaken up to be?

The book linked above also talks of abundance, Asia, and automation, and what that is going to do to conventional learning, leadership, and organization. OOOO, it's coming, and I stand to gain a lot from it, because as I read the pages, I nod in accordance, and I'm even able to go gee, know this stuff, I'm going to browse ahead a bit.

I've always had this not-so-warm-and-fuzzy feeling for doctors, lawyers, etc, etc, and I feel I'm beginning to understand it a bit better. There is not a whole lot of subjective thinking in these disciplines, you're either guilty or innocent, you get what you want or don't, you're alive or dead, etc. Much proof now exists that a proper diagnosis of a patient is not knowing the 'big I'm smart and shit' books, but talking to the patient for an hour or two and getting back history, case by case type shit, more empathy and all that jazz. I know this to be true when there's a rash on my mom's arms, and the big city doctor 'cant figure it out,' while the small town general practitioner gets closer to the reasons of this mystery by talking. Lawyers, damn heathens a dime a dozen I say, fuckin' stats show you what you want to see.

Why the contempt for lawyers? 9 times out of ten I feel they impede progress, and the ones who appeal to emotions and are the most organized usually win, you don't learn that in law school. Or maybe OJ was innocent.

Despite all the contempt for lawyers, I know integrators (integrating lawyers as well) are the key, people like Billy Bragg who understand that people 'take abstract notions and put them into nationhood,' and many other examples in all of the disiplines. Living life as a metaphor, and getting good at that, that's the key, in fact I'm going to twitter any metaphors I can think of in the coming months as I think of them.

Where is this post going? There are progressives in the modern day, Cory Doctorow, Cuban, the freakonomics boys, Robert Scoble, I've tapped into their nerve like so many others, and riding the wave.

I don't know if the 'one of these days' moments I dream about will come, but I'm preparing in the meantime, that's what 'it' and 'they' say to do, internal and external voices of success.

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