Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Play me the Waltz of the Angels, And I'll close my eyes and pretend, So I can dance with my angel again

Two things have been pretty consistent with my musical preferences, and that is sad and sappy. There's something to be said about exposure to those feelings.

I had a chance to see the Derailers last Friday night, but after a big ol' plate full of fajitas and a big bud light, I was kaput. The changing of the guard has officially taken place, and the temptation of free jager bombs all night *probably* couldn't even keep me out all night. Interesting fact of life, when I hit 30, those hangovers HURT REALLY BAD, and looking around I realize, hey I'm still that dude out partying.!? That's both good and bad I suppose.

This band means so much to me, one of those bands you look back at when you were a kid (in college) and go wow, I used to jam Reverb Deluxe like a madman late at night rolling through the streets of Shiner. I remember hot summer nights, windows rolled down, nothing to do or see, just alone with your thoughts and your music.

I love those days, and I love the times when your head isn't clouded with the white noise of the world. I've come to understand hard work gets you ahead. You can work for this or that place, or you can do this or that, or you can have cool business cards, or you can talk the good talk, but at the end of the day, that conversation you have with yourself is the one that counts.

With the exception of the last few nights being sick as a dog (remember for the blog -- worse headache in my life, CEDAR is 5th highest it's ever been on record), I sit on this crusty couch left behind in a bare apartment, just me and my laptop and silence. Some would say depressing, but I think the contrary. What does that allow me to do? It allows me time for myself, time for self-enrichment, time for reading, talking to friends, going for a stroll around the neighborhood, or finding random free sh*t to do around town, or the default plan, just go hang out around the Alamo and see how many different languages you can spot.

Since I'm comfortable with myself, I feel as if life has options. I've taken to another option down the street, where I hope to have a semi-better standard of living and job autonomy. At my last job, I've vowed to always leave my current place of employment on the upswing. Well, its that time, the time that balances the level of achievement with the level of frustration.

What can I say about hopping around, I'm excited, I love it, I feel like a learn valuable 'stuff' being mobile, as I try to become business and technology agnostic, which in all things digital seems to be the way to go. Empirical knowledge caves in to the progressive turd bucket that comes in the door with a fresh outlook.

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