Sunday, January 13, 2008

Roswell - The Series

Never liked Dawson's Creek or any of those shows. The people had too much drama, it was fake, so far fetched that it wasn't even entertaining. However, I can handle the drama when there are aliens involved.

Today I watched the final episode of Roswell, the series I started six months ago, and I must say I think its brilliant. Following Max, Mike and the gang around the 3 seasons made me happy. When Liz goes away to boarding school and they play the Travis tune 'More Than Us,' it sealed the deal for me.

Season 1 - Not too many people know of the aliens, great irony and suspense.

Season 2 - Too many 'activities' happening in Roswell, the show starts to implode, not to mention too many people know about the aliens.

Season 3 - Just gets silly, everyone knows, everyone is suspicious, the chicks wear skimpier clothes.

Regardless, the series ends good, damn good, the path that took us to New Mexico, Indian lands and paranormal activity and teen drama comes to an end. Now time to watch Season one of Cheers, which my sista got me for Christmas.

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