Friday, January 11, 2008

Stop Children What's that Sound Everybody Look What's Goin' Round

There is something big going on in politics right now, something new, fresh, and something for people like myself to get excited about. Something that stands out. Last night the other night I was one of the 20,000 people to give.

When the history books are written, which side of that coin are you going to be on? When people come together, they can do extraordinary things.
Read the email below

Something unexpected happened the day after the New Hampshire primary.

More than 20,000 people donated to our campaign online. That's the most ever in a single day.

In the first nine days of 2008, more than 75,000 donors gave online, and at least half of them had never given before. Just like we saw in Iowa and New Hampshire, in record numbers, our time for change has come.

Those new donors decided to step up and own a piece of this campaign right now, at this pivotal moment in history. Now, we're within striking distance of an almost unimaginable goal:

100,000 donors before the Nevada caucuses on January 19th.

You're one of the 75,000 who gave in the past nine days, and I can't thank you enough for your generosity. We would not be here without you.

But hundreds of thousands of supporters haven't stepped up this year.

It's up to you to convince them.

So we have a unique opportunity for you. If you promise to make another donation today, your gift will be used to match the gift of a first-time donor for this year.

By matching someone's donation, you will double your impact. But more importantly, you'll reactivate a supporter from last year or bring someone new into our movement.

You have a chance to inspire someone to get more deeply involved or encourage someone to get involved for the first time.

Make a donation of $50 today and help grow our movement:

Today, I am in South Carolina with my good friend, Senator John Kerry.

Our organization here is building up very quickly thanks to grassroots supporters like you. Senator Kerry endorsed our campaign at an event this morning, and the energy and excitement was just like what we were feeling in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Nevada, where the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union has given us another boost of momentum. We are building the same kind of strong, professional caucus team that we had in Iowa.

Together, we can make this happen, and I appreciate your support.

Our campaign has been warned against offering people false hope.

But in the American story, there has never been anything false about hope.

Your recent support for this campaign is proof of this hope -- amazing, overwhelming hope.

And your promise to match a first-time donor is a way to inspire hope in another supporter.

Make a matching donation of $50 now:

Nevada is the next stop on our road to change.

Let's get there 100,000 strong.

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SG said...

I donated for the first time the day after he lost to Hillary.

I thought I was the only one with that idea. Appearantly not...