Friday, January 11, 2008

This is the Way the World Ends, Not with a Bang but a Whimper

T.S. Eliot has a line for everything.

Here's what I'm going to have trouble understanding. Hillary Clinton's 'famous' 'The United States is in peril and I don't want it to fall speech, in which she lets out a little whimper of passion that then unites a debate of 'is it real, is it not', and launches a tirade of women everywhere going 'you go girl' and turning it into a 'heart vs mind' thing and having the potential to spark gender debates everywhere. I take the 'I don't want us to fall' as a really conceited thing to say, all gender aside, its a statement of POWER, as if ....Hillary, are you going to save us!??! as if...

Being a moderate, I try to stay on point, and the point is.....Do you want Hillary and Bill to stand back up, back to the 'old days' in which partisan division was greater than ever before? Do you want someone abrasive and condescending about this division, and someone engaging in 'hardball' with the opposite political spectrum?

What is reasonable here, seriously, it's not a matter of being proud of someone, its not a matter of political rhetoric, and if the emotion card is played, you can't play it both ways and expect their not the be questions on the posturing.

All things said, which politician on the left lead the way to gain accolades for the party, and which is swift on their feet and has proved this numerous times.

At the end of this day and debate, its not about the person with 'experience' and 'the right person for THIS job', its the person who re-defines what the metrics of the job are, while still adhering to the meat and potatoes bill of rights.

Re-definition is exactly what the country needs, get a familiar surname in there, same partisan bickering, not problems solved, and I'm going to move to Acapulco and stuff ram into computers and fix dial up modems for the rest of my life living in a grass hut on the beach.

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