Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well my eyes look like a map of the town, And my teeth are either yellow or theyre brown

Find a blog out there that combines a Beautiful South lyric about pretty eyes and commentary on tacos and I'll give anyone a hundred bucks.

tonight we talk about an important topic..... TACOS!!!

What happens is we have 3 fast food taco places that compete for that spare tire area around your waist, I like em' all three and here's what I think about them in general.

Taco Bell --- Well what can I say, I once had a shot of absinthe, not the wussy stuff but the real stuff back in the old country, and I told myself sitting in taco bell one time as I stared at a piece of taco meat lying on the floor. You know, I'd rather eat that piece of meat lying down there than ever take a straight shot of the green fairy drink again. Nevertheless, I love the grilled stuffed burrito with the fire sauce, minus the fiesta salsa and Baja salsa. I'm still trying to figure out what kinda preservatives they put in the chips there, because they just don't look normal but man do they taste good.

Taco Cabana -- This is the 'good stuff.' When I was a young lad traveling to V-Town to drive relentlessly around a parking lot poll in Walgreens for kicks, I used to eat here and thought the fajitas were expensive at 7 bucks a pop. But damn, they were good. Now that I've got developed tastes, I think their salsa bar sucks, the queso is comical, and the tacos have become microscopic in size and it takes me 14 bucks to get full off the limited supply of meat. But that doesn't stop mummy from tearing up some chicken quesidillas (or however you spell that) every time I head home.

and the newcomer for the area

Taco Bueno -- Damn I LOVE THIS PLACE! It's plain jane, but 3 things totally stick out.....TORTILLA SOUP that rocks, tamales that are great covered with chili con carne, and most importantly, the salsa / goodies bar is far superior than any other around. Plus, for about 7 bucks I've had my fill. Nice job guys, you have my patronage. :)

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