Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey, I Put Some New Shoes on and Suddenly Everything Is Right

Today brought about with it a day of spending, first thing, my facebook ad served me up this pair of shoes, I though, cheap, perfect and loud, I love em!

Next thing you know, mom and Jr come up for a visit, I get this Texas branded table. Texas, what a cool place, and how cool is it that we have such a big role in the election this year.

Here's my wicker 4 piece patio set, all at a steal for 299$

And we couldn't forget the rocker for when Mummy comes to visit, the tag said 139$, we got it for 77$ :)

Now that I've got Hoover flags, time to chill on the patio for a few weeks.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hey Senator, I'm Here to Say, All the Things You Lived for Didn't Die Here Today

The Obama rally Austin, it was somewhere up there, couldn't really get that close.

Somewhere up there, here's when it got shoulder to shoulder uncomfortable.

Last minute visit from Sarah B! Haven't see her in ages, glad she's back in Austin.

3 beers for me on the night, or maybe 4, few too many I'd say, but look at Mr Water Drinker here, lookin' all cool, Mr I'm Gonna Run A 10K so I can't drink.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It may have been Camelot for Jack and Jacqueline, But on the Che Guevara highway filling up with gasoline

Right in the middle of the roundabout in New Braunfels, a 10 minute walk.

Wonder what they did with Mary.

Here's what I'm going to eat for dinner Friday night.

The hallowed grounds of Wurstfest, right across the street.

The liberty bistro, a lunch stop sooner than later for me. As for dinner lately, I haven't ate out once this week yet, Monday - Tuna and cheese noodles, Tuesday - Frito Pie, Wednesday - two eggrolls and some chili in a can.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I Hate the TV, Y'know that it's killing me, I Hate the President, Y'know that it's killing me

I've had tv for the first time in a LONG time, watched it the last couple nights, here's what I've come up with. Last night I watched a little bit of 'Remember the Titans', showing on the super station, pretty damn good stuff.

Tonight it was flipping between the 'news' stations. All of them, garbage, flipping from NBC and Mr Hardball and the sports center guy, to blitzer on CNN, to the insanity of fox news, to the silliness of comedy central, in the span of two hours, I could choose my poison, all varieties and brands are there.

The election got me thinking about the media lately, and what is 'fair and balanced,' and my synopsis, anything projected by mass media to be consumed by pop culture isn't. That's why the ridiculous new york times still shows hillary ahead in delegate count, fox is still pissed their boy Mitt isn't being thrust to the general election, oreilly and colbert are balancing each other out, nothing changes in the world of mass media, its all the same.

Blogs change that, want objectivity? Read10 blogs that have 10 different opinions and craft your own judgment. All mass media is is an opinion, an opinion formed by studying the demographic its paid to broadcast to. Blogging is 'localized' to an individual or a smaller organization. Problem is getting the average person to read 5-10 things and taking 30 minutes out of a tv schedule seems to be damn near impossible.

Speaking that way, there are two trains of thought that come with marketing as it pertains to politics in this day and age. First, the information age makes it possible to see a politician for what they are. I'm not picking on Hillary because she's a woman, a Clinton, or whatever, I don't like her because she represents the latter of the yin / yang politics Karl Rove style. She plays it just as well as him, and has the 'fight fire with fire' mentality, which leaves everything in flames. I'm glad to see this style of politics falling by the wayside, and for better or worse, someone is stepping up the plate that criticizes based on fact.

The other part of that marketing comes with name recognition and mass media tv recognition. My man Obama in the primary said, the more people know me, the more they like me, and I couldn't agree more. For the longest it was the Clinton show, riding the coattails of Bill, marching that political machines' way to the top. The Obama grassroots movement comes in strong behind, the yang of that scenario.

I do know I have a ton of smart conservative friends, and they've been telling me the 'dark side of the Clintons' for a long time. I've just refused to see it or believe it. Now when Billary is going to start picking on 'my boy,' I'm more observant to these shortcomings through the years. I see insensitivity in her, and now a barrage of attacks on 'how good he gives speeches.'

Stick a fork in her, she's done. Why? The popular vote still does count (I think, but I tried to find the actual national numbers, but its seems to be all about delegates / superdelegates), and Obama will win that. Barack also has way too many high visibility endorsements. If Hillary were to win, she's piss off the affluent (which means rich white men in my mind) and and the black people, and the people who believe in hope, get the picture. For instance, do a youtube search for Barack, then do a youtube search for Hillary.

So who will vote for Hillary, those types who go on name recognition and don't care to read to get the full story, and those 'empowered women' who can't seem to understand that it's not about gender, I want a woman to make it to the top on her own accord, and Billy Clinton would be the shittiest 'first man' imaginable.

The future hasn't been written with Obama, its a roll of the dice, but the verdict is out on the others, and is that what we really want? I believe smart people promote other smart people. Obama is a smart man that will have smart advisors. We all know what 'the president we'd rather have a beer with' did for the country.

Texans go out on March 4th and put your money where your mouth is and vote for who you'd like, I'd prefer it'd be Obama, however, if you choose not because you are lazy, your opinion has just lost stock to me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's a common stipulation that there ain't no hope, But there's a tire swing baby on the end of our rope

Happy Valentines day to everyone, I'm happy to have Jolen this valentines day.

That's the blue clear water.

Pretty cool, just right down the road.

Great mural on the wall

Nice building, ones like this are all over the place.

Wonder where the train goes, there's tons of them all evening every evening.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wide River She Opens Her Mouth to the Sea, Singing Dear Dear Ocean Now Here Is a Kiss From Me

Since the beginning of time, humans have found it necessary to have a 'room with a view.' I've always been the most happy when living by something that was scenic, weather, that be a pool, some cool buildings, or a river.

My patio is big enough to have a picnic table there, and I'm looking forward to having some social events at the apartment. I'm excited to finally have some bean bags, and I've cooked two nights this week! BOOYAH!

Texas for Obama!

Monday, February 11, 2008

That SugarCane that tasted good, that's cinnamon, that's hollywood

The best fried mushrooms I've ever had here, nice and juicy, but what's with the cream gravy served with them? Blakes on Lake mckinney.

here's what i had for dinner, and what i'll subsequently be eating for lunch tomorrow. the remnants of the 'i cant decide sampler' and some rice pilaf. here's a shot of me and Sophia enjoying some leftovers!

pretty damn cool pub when you gots to crawl through a door like this to get in. Lacinator gives it her best shot.

Stella, what can you say about how great the beer is, it leaves a foam drink by drink. A salute to the company who monetized it and made the wife beater popular over here. I salute you.

Downtown is nice, not a whole lot of nonsense to contend with, a real classy place, without even having to try, that's the good ol' city of NB, and that's my local pubs, crawling distance to home.

No pictures of manuelabor on the blog this time, b/c I didn't want to make the ladies drool, but nevertheless, great to see all of you guys :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh cant you see me standing here, I Got My back against a record machine

My first ever hockey experience, I liked it a lot, the players haul ass, it takes a lot of coordination to do that stuff, and it was a high scoring game in our teams favor, so the night was really enjoyable. Thanks to my cousin Don for getting the tickets, and Doug also for the company, and we can't forget Rolando, who will be Don's new son-in-law.

Same place the mav's play.

Look at these stellar seats. This was during the national anthem.

Here's a youtube, a massive sized file from the new camera, i bet this beast would even look good on an hdtv.

Of course there's got to be a fight that breaks out, this was on the other side of the court mind you!

He looked like an ant without the zoom

A fine american eating establishment.

where we ate 70 wings and 3 pitchers of beer.

don, doug and i in front of AA center

the press box from desoto, where my cuz coaches.

varsity lockers, about 100 times nicer than shiner

if i could only do a shot that shows how much my 2A football days were different

the showers, i never could take a shower next to a dude, even during football, i'd rather hop in the car and go home stinky

don doesn't want to make a scene, so here's how his office is labeled

more pictures and commentary coming, I'm catching a wind with the new camera :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Drinking scotch on the rocks and flipping through playboy magazines

Beast and T-Dog, and a good ol' Friday night with the pool table and tunes in the 80 degree for the day weather.

The gang, drinking a few natural lights.

Tdog and the CDog playing some tunes like the good old days, too bad I'm still having trouble hearing out of one year and my sinus are inflamed like a mofo.

Those are painted cow skulls, and they look really awesome

Just take a gander at this little buddy, he could be laying out in a field all boring and lonely, or he could be awwwwed over with a new paint job.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Small and White, Clean and Bright, You Look Happy to Meet Me Blossom of Snow May You Bloom and Grow, Bloom and Grow Forever

Well I got a camera I've been salivating over for 8 months on a 6 month payment plan at Best Buy. Isn't it wrong to put something as simple as a camera on a payment plan? That thought's been holding me back all this time, but having this as close to digital slr as it comes without being slr, this camera is the coolest thing I've ever set my hands on.

edelweiss and Gonzales, a stark contrast.

That being said, my first pictures were in Gonzales Texas of all places. One day I'd love to get an old beat up house like this and get things fixed up, a dreaded 'fixer upper.'

At 4.3 mb, coming out the the camera, this picture looked amazing, making it all 'web friendly' it and all the others loose luster.

If you take a trip to Mexico and go a block away from tourist attractions, buildings all look like this, I think its' kinda cool.

Some big church here, I tried to frame it good.

Some statue in front of the fire house.

Some other building, probably looked like a mission that was near it back in the day.

Monday, February 04, 2008

If you're lonely, I will call, If you're poorly, I will send poetry, I am the Milkman of Human Kindness I will Leave and Extra Pint

I wonder if Billy Bragg was talking about leaving an extra pint of mike, or a pint of beer in the song. I would hope it was a pint a beer, even though milk does a body good and beer makes the belly big. Speaking of beer, when I moved into my place in San Antonio last August, I got 3 sixers of Beer, 1 Spaten, 1 Carlsberg, and 1 Stella. I still have 11 out of 18 of those beers left, what's a boy to do, just getting old and domesticated. It kinda sucks, but its kinda cool tool. Speaking in generalities, about how the body and persona is aways dynamic and changing.

Tonight I come to you from the business center of my apartment, and I must say this shizzle is pimp. Used to be an old power plant, now all industrial and stuff. Check out the view looking up from a picture from the blackberry. You can't beat free wifi and an on site yoga instructor. Next thing to eliminate is my weekly visit to the local DQ for artery clogging goodies.

Things are on the up and up, Jolen is coming for a semi-extended stay, finding Billy Bragg's 3-cd set of goodness today for less than ten bucks in the used section, then going home and seeing a nice view from the patio, a shower in nice hot water, a post office visit to change my voting registration, a supermarket run, and the realization that about 5 great looking pubs are in crawling distance of the apartment, one is actually a brew pub.

Went to Howards in Shiner this weekend, the local beer bait and ammo place in Shiner, talked to a great person who says she always reads my blog, always a fun person to talk with, and I can't wait to have a good catchup session with her and her husband. I also got some 'comments' about the Obama sign in my yard, people told other people to 'drive by the house,' ol Bruns got an Obama sign in the yard. Depending on Super Tuesday, Bruns may have a BBQ for him too, all in generating hype.

I got a ticket to Germany, I'll be going to Berlin for a few days, check out some music, culture and art, ducking into a pub here and there, eating some currywurst, then on the a small town called Lehnin, where my friend will be wed. I can wait to see her and the rest of the gang, and I cant wait to have some beers and give it my old college try at the language.

I'm working and living in New Braunfels now, the job has me on my toes, I like the technology, lots to do, and I've had several trips to Austin already to work in the 'high dollar' labs over there. I like the small town feel of the city, its a classy little place.

All this changing in life, and I know more and more will always come, and I will embrace. One question that comes to mind, 'how do I frame it all.' I think this quote says it best, I'll always be in pursuit of dreams, and I'll be just fine and dandy.

A man is not old until his regrets take the place of dreams.
- - - - John Barrymore

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Trees Went By, Me and Del Were Singing, Little Runaway, I was Flyin'

Superbowls, crafty commercials, and usually a pretty damn good half-time show. Today, not only mummies 74 year old b-day party, but a dreaded football game I glue myself to.

Tom Petty was singing with Del Shannon's Runaway one night while on 'country drive,' and he's made a career out of singing simple and clever awesome tunes, I like the dude quite a bit.

Commercials, its amazing in the day of 'on demand everything', you're interrupted to watch this BS. It's interesting that athletic events are the shows which still give relevance to commercials.....not too much TIVO'ing going on of the Superbowl, or other 'big games.'

People watch things for different reasons, for me, its water cooler talk, bonding with the family, and the half time performance. Prince did a wonderful job last year, Tom Petty, not bad this year.

I go in and out of liking American football, I'm in the liking phase, check out how hard those monsters hit each other, and the tremendous athleticism in those dudes. Its modern day politically correct brutality. I wish there was a stat that showed 'how many bud lights consumed by americans during superbowl.'

Friday, February 01, 2008

An Email from A Passionate Texan

This is why Bob is a bad mo-fo! An email he sent out to his clan of conservatives, and let me tell you, he does have a clan. :)

A real pet peeve of mine is to listen to people complain about government issues whenever he/ she had not even voted. I also hear a lot of people starting to talk about Barack Obama versus Hillary in ordinary conversation such as in conversations at the table next to you at dinner. Most of those conversations entail that they don't know much about Barack but they definitely don't want another Clinton in the Whitehouse. Even if you are conservative and always vote republican, the one way to ensure that another Clinton is not in the Whitehouse is to get Barack Obama nominated on the Democratic ticket. Therefore, it is the Republican nominee versus Barack Obama for the Presidential race.

Attached is an email from the Barack Obama campaign that enables you to register to vote online. Fill it out, it makes a PDF of the information you put on the form and then it allows you to print it out and mail it in. Just because it comes from his website doesn't mean that you have to vote for him. His primary mission is to get the American people involved in politics and the first step is to get as many people as he can to the polls. Elections are not won necessarily by what the majority want; they are won by what the majority of people want who actually vote. Barack also wants to get rid of the disconnect between Washington and the average American; to hear what everyone has to say. Is his plan ambitious? Yes. Is it possible? Yes.

By now you probably think I am drinking alot of the Kool Aid. I honestly am a Republican, but none of the Republican nominees interest me. I want change in the Whitehouse and what Barack Obama says and does is exactly what I am looking for in a leader of my country.

I invite you to look at Barack's website and learn more about him because the last thing we want is to allow Hillary Clinton to progress any further and perhaps you learning more about him through his website and not viral emails will inspire you too. However, the purpose of this email is to get you to get out and vote. Please follow the link on the forwarded portion of this email and fill out, print, and mail in the form to register to vote. Finally, head to the polls on March 4th.