Friday, February 01, 2008

An Email from A Passionate Texan

This is why Bob is a bad mo-fo! An email he sent out to his clan of conservatives, and let me tell you, he does have a clan. :)

A real pet peeve of mine is to listen to people complain about government issues whenever he/ she had not even voted. I also hear a lot of people starting to talk about Barack Obama versus Hillary in ordinary conversation such as in conversations at the table next to you at dinner. Most of those conversations entail that they don't know much about Barack but they definitely don't want another Clinton in the Whitehouse. Even if you are conservative and always vote republican, the one way to ensure that another Clinton is not in the Whitehouse is to get Barack Obama nominated on the Democratic ticket. Therefore, it is the Republican nominee versus Barack Obama for the Presidential race.

Attached is an email from the Barack Obama campaign that enables you to register to vote online. Fill it out, it makes a PDF of the information you put on the form and then it allows you to print it out and mail it in. Just because it comes from his website doesn't mean that you have to vote for him. His primary mission is to get the American people involved in politics and the first step is to get as many people as he can to the polls. Elections are not won necessarily by what the majority want; they are won by what the majority of people want who actually vote. Barack also wants to get rid of the disconnect between Washington and the average American; to hear what everyone has to say. Is his plan ambitious? Yes. Is it possible? Yes.

By now you probably think I am drinking alot of the Kool Aid. I honestly am a Republican, but none of the Republican nominees interest me. I want change in the Whitehouse and what Barack Obama says and does is exactly what I am looking for in a leader of my country.

I invite you to look at Barack's website and learn more about him because the last thing we want is to allow Hillary Clinton to progress any further and perhaps you learning more about him through his website and not viral emails will inspire you too. However, the purpose of this email is to get you to get out and vote. Please follow the link on the forwarded portion of this email and fill out, print, and mail in the form to register to vote. Finally, head to the polls on March 4th.


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