Friday, February 15, 2008

I Hate the TV, Y'know that it's killing me, I Hate the President, Y'know that it's killing me

I've had tv for the first time in a LONG time, watched it the last couple nights, here's what I've come up with. Last night I watched a little bit of 'Remember the Titans', showing on the super station, pretty damn good stuff.

Tonight it was flipping between the 'news' stations. All of them, garbage, flipping from NBC and Mr Hardball and the sports center guy, to blitzer on CNN, to the insanity of fox news, to the silliness of comedy central, in the span of two hours, I could choose my poison, all varieties and brands are there.

The election got me thinking about the media lately, and what is 'fair and balanced,' and my synopsis, anything projected by mass media to be consumed by pop culture isn't. That's why the ridiculous new york times still shows hillary ahead in delegate count, fox is still pissed their boy Mitt isn't being thrust to the general election, oreilly and colbert are balancing each other out, nothing changes in the world of mass media, its all the same.

Blogs change that, want objectivity? Read10 blogs that have 10 different opinions and craft your own judgment. All mass media is is an opinion, an opinion formed by studying the demographic its paid to broadcast to. Blogging is 'localized' to an individual or a smaller organization. Problem is getting the average person to read 5-10 things and taking 30 minutes out of a tv schedule seems to be damn near impossible.

Speaking that way, there are two trains of thought that come with marketing as it pertains to politics in this day and age. First, the information age makes it possible to see a politician for what they are. I'm not picking on Hillary because she's a woman, a Clinton, or whatever, I don't like her because she represents the latter of the yin / yang politics Karl Rove style. She plays it just as well as him, and has the 'fight fire with fire' mentality, which leaves everything in flames. I'm glad to see this style of politics falling by the wayside, and for better or worse, someone is stepping up the plate that criticizes based on fact.

The other part of that marketing comes with name recognition and mass media tv recognition. My man Obama in the primary said, the more people know me, the more they like me, and I couldn't agree more. For the longest it was the Clinton show, riding the coattails of Bill, marching that political machines' way to the top. The Obama grassroots movement comes in strong behind, the yang of that scenario.

I do know I have a ton of smart conservative friends, and they've been telling me the 'dark side of the Clintons' for a long time. I've just refused to see it or believe it. Now when Billary is going to start picking on 'my boy,' I'm more observant to these shortcomings through the years. I see insensitivity in her, and now a barrage of attacks on 'how good he gives speeches.'

Stick a fork in her, she's done. Why? The popular vote still does count (I think, but I tried to find the actual national numbers, but its seems to be all about delegates / superdelegates), and Obama will win that. Barack also has way too many high visibility endorsements. If Hillary were to win, she's piss off the affluent (which means rich white men in my mind) and and the black people, and the people who believe in hope, get the picture. For instance, do a youtube search for Barack, then do a youtube search for Hillary.

So who will vote for Hillary, those types who go on name recognition and don't care to read to get the full story, and those 'empowered women' who can't seem to understand that it's not about gender, I want a woman to make it to the top on her own accord, and Billy Clinton would be the shittiest 'first man' imaginable.

The future hasn't been written with Obama, its a roll of the dice, but the verdict is out on the others, and is that what we really want? I believe smart people promote other smart people. Obama is a smart man that will have smart advisors. We all know what 'the president we'd rather have a beer with' did for the country.

Texans go out on March 4th and put your money where your mouth is and vote for who you'd like, I'd prefer it'd be Obama, however, if you choose not because you are lazy, your opinion has just lost stock to me.

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