Monday, February 04, 2008

If you're lonely, I will call, If you're poorly, I will send poetry, I am the Milkman of Human Kindness I will Leave and Extra Pint

I wonder if Billy Bragg was talking about leaving an extra pint of mike, or a pint of beer in the song. I would hope it was a pint a beer, even though milk does a body good and beer makes the belly big. Speaking of beer, when I moved into my place in San Antonio last August, I got 3 sixers of Beer, 1 Spaten, 1 Carlsberg, and 1 Stella. I still have 11 out of 18 of those beers left, what's a boy to do, just getting old and domesticated. It kinda sucks, but its kinda cool tool. Speaking in generalities, about how the body and persona is aways dynamic and changing.

Tonight I come to you from the business center of my apartment, and I must say this shizzle is pimp. Used to be an old power plant, now all industrial and stuff. Check out the view looking up from a picture from the blackberry. You can't beat free wifi and an on site yoga instructor. Next thing to eliminate is my weekly visit to the local DQ for artery clogging goodies.

Things are on the up and up, Jolen is coming for a semi-extended stay, finding Billy Bragg's 3-cd set of goodness today for less than ten bucks in the used section, then going home and seeing a nice view from the patio, a shower in nice hot water, a post office visit to change my voting registration, a supermarket run, and the realization that about 5 great looking pubs are in crawling distance of the apartment, one is actually a brew pub.

Went to Howards in Shiner this weekend, the local beer bait and ammo place in Shiner, talked to a great person who says she always reads my blog, always a fun person to talk with, and I can't wait to have a good catchup session with her and her husband. I also got some 'comments' about the Obama sign in my yard, people told other people to 'drive by the house,' ol Bruns got an Obama sign in the yard. Depending on Super Tuesday, Bruns may have a BBQ for him too, all in generating hype.

I got a ticket to Germany, I'll be going to Berlin for a few days, check out some music, culture and art, ducking into a pub here and there, eating some currywurst, then on the a small town called Lehnin, where my friend will be wed. I can wait to see her and the rest of the gang, and I cant wait to have some beers and give it my old college try at the language.

I'm working and living in New Braunfels now, the job has me on my toes, I like the technology, lots to do, and I've had several trips to Austin already to work in the 'high dollar' labs over there. I like the small town feel of the city, its a classy little place.

All this changing in life, and I know more and more will always come, and I will embrace. One question that comes to mind, 'how do I frame it all.' I think this quote says it best, I'll always be in pursuit of dreams, and I'll be just fine and dandy.

A man is not old until his regrets take the place of dreams.
- - - - John Barrymore

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