Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh cant you see me standing here, I Got My back against a record machine

My first ever hockey experience, I liked it a lot, the players haul ass, it takes a lot of coordination to do that stuff, and it was a high scoring game in our teams favor, so the night was really enjoyable. Thanks to my cousin Don for getting the tickets, and Doug also for the company, and we can't forget Rolando, who will be Don's new son-in-law.

Same place the mav's play.

Look at these stellar seats. This was during the national anthem.

Here's a youtube, a massive sized file from the new camera, i bet this beast would even look good on an hdtv.

Of course there's got to be a fight that breaks out, this was on the other side of the court mind you!

He looked like an ant without the zoom

A fine american eating establishment.

where we ate 70 wings and 3 pitchers of beer.

don, doug and i in front of AA center

the press box from desoto, where my cuz coaches.

varsity lockers, about 100 times nicer than shiner

if i could only do a shot that shows how much my 2A football days were different

the showers, i never could take a shower next to a dude, even during football, i'd rather hop in the car and go home stinky

don doesn't want to make a scene, so here's how his office is labeled

more pictures and commentary coming, I'm catching a wind with the new camera :)

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meghanwarby said...

a fight broke out on "other side of the court", did it? yee haw. up here in canuckistan we'd say the other end of the rink, or other end of the ice...but i get the point...