Thursday, February 07, 2008

Small and White, Clean and Bright, You Look Happy to Meet Me Blossom of Snow May You Bloom and Grow, Bloom and Grow Forever

Well I got a camera I've been salivating over for 8 months on a 6 month payment plan at Best Buy. Isn't it wrong to put something as simple as a camera on a payment plan? That thought's been holding me back all this time, but having this as close to digital slr as it comes without being slr, this camera is the coolest thing I've ever set my hands on.

edelweiss and Gonzales, a stark contrast.

That being said, my first pictures were in Gonzales Texas of all places. One day I'd love to get an old beat up house like this and get things fixed up, a dreaded 'fixer upper.'

At 4.3 mb, coming out the the camera, this picture looked amazing, making it all 'web friendly' it and all the others loose luster.

If you take a trip to Mexico and go a block away from tourist attractions, buildings all look like this, I think its' kinda cool.

Some big church here, I tried to frame it good.

Some statue in front of the fire house.

Some other building, probably looked like a mission that was near it back in the day.


Christina said...

What camera did you get? I've been wanting to jump into the digital SLR world for a LONG time, and may be getting a Nikon D40 in a few months (I'm familiar with the Nikon brand). Your photos are looking sharp. Gonzales never looked so good, LOL!

RB said...

hey hey hey! its a powershot g9 by cannon, 500 bucks, but well worth it!

bob said...

thats not a church...thats the courthouse