Monday, February 11, 2008

That SugarCane that tasted good, that's cinnamon, that's hollywood

The best fried mushrooms I've ever had here, nice and juicy, but what's with the cream gravy served with them? Blakes on Lake mckinney.

here's what i had for dinner, and what i'll subsequently be eating for lunch tomorrow. the remnants of the 'i cant decide sampler' and some rice pilaf. here's a shot of me and Sophia enjoying some leftovers!

pretty damn cool pub when you gots to crawl through a door like this to get in. Lacinator gives it her best shot.

Stella, what can you say about how great the beer is, it leaves a foam drink by drink. A salute to the company who monetized it and made the wife beater popular over here. I salute you.

Downtown is nice, not a whole lot of nonsense to contend with, a real classy place, without even having to try, that's the good ol' city of NB, and that's my local pubs, crawling distance to home.

No pictures of manuelabor on the blog this time, b/c I didn't want to make the ladies drool, but nevertheless, great to see all of you guys :)

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