Sunday, February 03, 2008

Trees Went By, Me and Del Were Singing, Little Runaway, I was Flyin'

Superbowls, crafty commercials, and usually a pretty damn good half-time show. Today, not only mummies 74 year old b-day party, but a dreaded football game I glue myself to.

Tom Petty was singing with Del Shannon's Runaway one night while on 'country drive,' and he's made a career out of singing simple and clever awesome tunes, I like the dude quite a bit.

Commercials, its amazing in the day of 'on demand everything', you're interrupted to watch this BS. It's interesting that athletic events are the shows which still give relevance to commercials.....not too much TIVO'ing going on of the Superbowl, or other 'big games.'

People watch things for different reasons, for me, its water cooler talk, bonding with the family, and the half time performance. Prince did a wonderful job last year, Tom Petty, not bad this year.

I go in and out of liking American football, I'm in the liking phase, check out how hard those monsters hit each other, and the tremendous athleticism in those dudes. Its modern day politically correct brutality. I wish there was a stat that showed 'how many bud lights consumed by americans during superbowl.'

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