Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Call up the craftsman, bring me the draughtsman, build me a path from cradle to grave

It's been a charming / busy time, Jolen in to visit, great stuff, working while she's in town, just gotta do it. Here's a bunch of pictures from the last week. Why no blogging lately? Short version....new job has been busy.

First, starting with a walk in Landa Park, going down some stairs, I bust not only my butt, butt knee, hand and elbow. To couple the 'much too young to feel this damn old' feeling, I got an 'old person diaper' sample in the mail yesterday. I was excited, thinking it was some cool swag, but alas, only a diaper. :(

A trip to the San Antonio Zoo was entertaining, my first trip to a zoo ever. There was a room filled with butterflies.

The flamingos were my favorite, all standing on one foot.

All of them have tagged legs, and it looks like a big party in the ranks.

Entertaining the family on Sunday was fun, here are two people that really know their way around the kitchen, I didn't catch the conversation, maybe exchanging trade secrets. The word was out that when I was a kid I used to eat mustard bread, and mustard flavored sardines.

There's Doug, on the prowl for a new computer.

Mummy and Kman on the nice wicker rocker.

Jamie and Gman riding the Landa Park train. I had a great conversation with David, the owner. He knows a lot about Deutschland, etc, etc and promises great conversation at the Elks Lodge when I show up.

A close up eyeball shot. Check out how awesome my eyebrows are, just pure beauty. I bet a plucker would keel over and die if they had to contend with this.

A host of duckies floatin' the Comal River, that's feather pluckin' insane!

No matter how much the white duck would stick his head in the water, the dull murky water, he would stay clean.

The patio as seen from across the street. From there it reminds me of some scenes in Spain. Jolen made several comments about how she liked the skylights, and after finally noticing them and their effect, I'd have to agree.

This was a mean fella at the Wildlife Ranch at natural bridge. Actually this one was tame, but there was some crazy animals out there, that would just walk up to the car and have a look inside.

Some nice creatures, they are llamas?

Speaking of...this Zebra came in disregarded the little snack in hand, and proceeded to grab the bag of goodies right from Jolen's leg, what a site, and I think I actually got a little zebra slobber in the car. I was rollin on after the zebra got our bag.

This guy was much better. He was nice. My only attempt at feeding came from an animal that came up to the car, but once I realized he had a long blue tongue, I freaked out and dropped the feed on the ground.

Two trips to Ikea lands 4 tables put together for a coffee table(s) @12 bucks each, couch @450 and sleeper thing @400. Thanks to Milton's TV for the complimentary TV! It's hard to believe I actually have furniture, and its hard to believe that its my first bought couch. Only took 31 years to get, I'm mooovin' on up!

200 bucks for this what I think to be very nice table that has some slide out parts. At 59 each, the chairs were the biggest expenditure.

Here's the shoes I'll be representin' USA with in Germany. Notice the gold, red and black, I think they'll work out just fine there. I was thinking about getting a wedding outfit there, but saw how the dollar is doing, and looks like I may even forgo the pub experience and opt for a sixer from the cheap store and drink it on a park bench.

Finally, my goal is to befriend this guy. He's the keeper of that trash can. I watch him every now and then run after and his at people passing by, he's got a sinister looking disposition, and he even made my nephew Kman cry. I hope to make friend with him by showering him with gifts of bread, wheat, and possibly a french fry or two :)

All in all, so much activity the last since I've posted, I hope to catch a breath come April.


SG said...

Glad to have you back posting. Although I expect having Jolen stay with you also limited your posting time, ah young love.

Looks like your apartment is coming along, it looks nice. I love Ikea.

Mike said...

Dude those sneaks are fugly!! Don't get your arse beat up in Germany for sporting those obnoxiously loud kicks....