Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Deep In the Belly of a Whale I Found Her, Down With the Deep Blue Jail Around Her, Running Her Hair through the Ribs of the Dark

Random sentiments -- Trip commentary, pictures and all that will come sooner than later.

What can I say other than that To The Dogs Or Whoever, off The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter album is stellar. I'd say its my 'song of the month,' the one I hum while sitting in the airport while allowing my brain empty cycles.

There are good songs, and there are good artists, a simple sentiment but when applied to life it's interesting. There are people who have 'spurts of brilliance' (songs) in the workforce, and there are 'artists' which are the MVP's of the organization who see virtue and work and are treated accordingly. Consequently, the the analogy can go deep into all facets of life.

I was reading about a certain office personality type that will 'filibuster' work, simply because they are afraid of it, lazy, knowledge isn't there, hearts not in it, all kinds of excuses. Makes me think about the first 6 years of my working life, years I'd love to have back, years that I could have 'done more with.' I was the king of the filibuster, for several of the reasons mentioned above.

Henry Ford said true virtue comes from hard work. Ayn Rand says no compromise in principal. I try live my life as a hybrid of both these days, although the latter is difficult when your purpose as a professional is information dissemination and things like this.

It gets me thinking, what is the SOLE thing I would look for as a redeeming virtue, one word that says it all, weather it be work life, private life, this, that or the other, and as I've been taking long walks the last couple of days, its uncanny that these answers to really hard life questions boil down to one word, that word...>RESPONSIBILITY

Lets take some scenarios.

1 -- The TV says the economy is doing bad, is it or is it not? Truthfully, what are the indicators in the world of spin, and as long as I have a patio and a beer to sip on, do I have to WASTE cycles thinking about 'am I going to have a job or not', or this and that, or do I just take it upon myself to diversify my stock as a human being, and that will take care of yours truly. If everyone had that attitude and personal responsibility, all the 'worker bees' would have the power.

2 -- Who says what about who in politics, and why is it so important. The systems is broke, it always has been, always will be, polarization will happen based on political parties, therefore making responsible individuals irresponsible due to their divisive colors.

3 -- My life is this, my life is that, it could be this, what if this, blah de de blah blah blah. Tom Petty's Two Gunslingers says it best, I'm taking control of my life now, right now. At the establishment I work at, there are 'core ideologies' one is 'always do the right thing.' I'm all for that, a pretty naive sentiment due to life's gray areas, but a better way to have said the same thing is to take responsibility to your thoughts, words, and actions.

A few ways I do this nowadays, 'The Power of Now,' a great self helper I suggest everyone picking up says, 'You are more than you're brain' is a great quote that has helped me overcome plenty of personal inertia.

Another note, I safely archived my one and only credit card saving for a day I will never have to use it, unless it's or something irresistible from Nevertheless, carry a zero balance is on my things to do before I die, and I'm happy to say I'll be there sooner than later. After that, its American Express Blue for me, after a lot of research, all the 'frequent flyer' rewards bs is nothing compared to good old hard cash back. Put 12000 bucks on this card a year you get about 400 bucks back, that's the best I've seen, if someone can show me otherwise, I'm all ears.


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