Thursday, March 13, 2008

From the Big Church to the Big River and Out to the Shining Sea, This is the Land of Opportunity and There's a Monkey Trial On TV

The Puritan John Cotton warned that "the more learned and witty you bee, the more fit for Satan you bee, as I grabbed it from this article about 'Revenge of the Experts.' For every creative 'thing' on the web, there's about 1,000 'not so good' things, hence another level of expertise or organization. I couldn't agree more with this piece.

  1. Bill Gates goes to congress and says we need more foreign workers in this country, I couldn't agree more. As said many times, intellectual property it vital to the success of a nation. 65,000 visas a year can be considered the equivalent of pissing on the sun. If we want to 'protect our empire,' it's imperative we 'in-source' all the smart people we can. I have no problem with outsourcing, it helps the world help themselves which in turn helps 'us.' When outsourcing quality is 'good,' lots are finding out its not cheap anymore. From USA, to India, to Russia to China, the buck has to stop and globalization will diffuse many problems, we just have to start treating everyone as true equals.
  2. Political posturing makes me abso-%#$@^!-lutely sick. I recall a graph in 'marketing class' in college, something like if a car is too much like another car, they move the product line to attract more customers. This science is effective but tired. The fact that Obama can run on 'hope' and inspire many people is often overlooked by trolls, doom and gloom people, and it is effective for Clinton to have the 'anti-hope' campaign and attract a lot of people, for a large part, people who don't pay much attention. Obama organizes the masses, Clinton organizes the bureaucrats.
Tomorrow I hope to see one of my heroes, Billy Bragg at the SXSW festival, here's a few cool covers.

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