Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Million Young Poets Screaming out their Words, To A World Full of People Livin' to Be Heard

I recall Chris Rock saying something about listening to John Mellencamp, it was pretty derogatory, but nevertheless, taking my geekly stroll to Best Buy and seeing his 'The Best I Could Do' cd, I had to get it. If not for Check it Out, or Little Pink Houses, or his amazing MTV Unplugged show, its for the memories I have jammin' the cd when I was a young lad with my brother Gman.

Everyone knows the song played all throughout football season, annoying as all hell, but I'll say it now and be cheesy, THE SONG HOLDS UP, especially in this Comedy Central appearance. Despite all the stupid monkey business that goes on in this country in the media, politics, big business, etc, etc -- the foundations are strong, and the he reflects it.

See 'the cougar' (as used to be his middle name) I can relate back to the game Civilization. Cities and civilizations produce 'great people' who produce 'great works', which in turn expand your borders and your cultural influence.

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