Monday, March 31, 2008

oh it seemed like a holy place, protected by amazing grace, and we would sing right out loud the things we could not say

"There is a good life right across this green field and each generation stares at it from afar." That's what John Mellencamp says on his album cover.

Mom and Dad met a long time ago, they lived right across the street from each other. Age didn't matter, dreams and ambitions for the most part were the same on both sides. There weren't options like 'hopping on a plane to Germany,' or for that matter, moving to the 'big city' presented logistical challenges to your family.

Today a large portion of these challenges are gone, and one would think that sky is the limit in the flat world, however as Goethe in a roundabout ways says, people themselves hold themselves back, for good and for bad reasons.

Most people I meet want the 'honey I'm home' scenario, and most people want to live a fascinating and fruitful life, you can find the people who want to work hard, albeit they are harder and harder to find in the land of abundance, but the line of what is means to be 'compatible' is so fine, it's almost razor thin.

I've heard the blanket comments, you should be with the person who is your best friend at the end of the day, someone who shares your values, someone who is different from you, someone who completes you, this, that and the other, but all these sentiments seem to contradict each other and finding your mate in the modern day psychological world becomes a crapshoot, along with a challenging road of all those buzzwords like trust, honesty and respect. That's New Braunfels Texas, I can't even imagine what this is in NYC or other places where morality is questionable no matter how you spin it, and the psychology is complicated.

At the end of the day, I think it all comes down to being with someone who understands you, understands your vision, and what you want to accomplish in life. Just as there is a fine line in compatibility, there's a finer line when it comes to truly understanding someone and where they're coming from.

What's the balance in shooting for the moon and taking comfort in the green pasture? Didn't Hawking take on this question and come up with a blank? Is it better to fortify your territory or expand your boundaries?

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