Monday, April 28, 2008

I Heard the Night Was Pickin' Up A Song, You Threw Your Hair Back and You Sang Along

The weekend belonged to Robyn and Rolando, the wedding in a Dallas suburb.

What were the guys doing behind there you ask? Well, Baptist Church parking lots are good places for a brew or two.

Living in the nicest place in NB, the 'flux capacitor' went out and didn't get repaired for a week. Who knew those were in AC's.

Sunday brought us to uncle Benny's house, check out the wildlife in the back yard.

A water hose running for 7 months straight yields this much water in a tank. Lots of deer come drink from the water uncle says.

Eatin a lot of BBQ down here all the time.

Bennie's T-Bird I'm promised to have a ride in sooner than later.

Finally, a family shot, from the wedding. We were 'representin' for Don and Robyn and of course Rolando we welcome as a new addition to the family :) .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's the Feeling I Get When I Look to the West, Having all the Answers Still Failing the Test

A few things come to my mind tonight, integrity, and what that means to people, and a question that popped up in a facebook status, what do you care about what other people's feelings. So much has been swirling around in my head on these topics, and the cursed 85 degree spring Texas night and a broken AC in a posh apartment has me down, sleepless, and sweatin' like crazy. Hence disconnected fragments of thought and emotion.

Integrity as defined by google define basically says stay consistent with your inner self, accept responsibility and accountability. It's apparent, if not obvious that the Clinton diva, as stated in a prose I read a few weeks ago is walking a fine line between genius and pessimism, and all it has me thinking is that to 'win' in politics means to sacrifice freewill and personal integrity, at least that is the train of thought that seems to effect 'blue collar' people and not us 'affluent' people. I'm disturbed by the events of the political race, Obama certainly has character and integrity, and most importantly consistency. McCain has integrity, not consistency, and Hillary....a desire to win, what to me is a blatant personal agenda, something Obama said it 'how we win' or 'why we should.' These things shine heavily and regardless of the outcome of this race, these words will be remembered in the future, and the question will be did you fall into a pessimism / fear based vote, and 'screw it I ain't even participating vote, or did you vote for a man that can inspire the hearts and minds of countless people, and for Hillary to condescend on someone who can fill up a stadium full of people and twist the facts and play these stupid games is pitiful. What happens when McCain starts to pick on Hillary's character? It's really easy to do, Obama hasn't gone there because he has integrity. Where has all the integrity gone in the election, and how has the American political system turned into a soap opera money making machine that has to 'report news' even when there is no news. It really is sad times.

What do I care about what other people think of me? I've thought about this a lot the last few days and I sincerely care a lot about what people think. There are people that communicate with the heart (emotional intelligence) and those who communicate with the mind, I think the true deviants in life can tap into both and empathize with whatever personality they come across and find 'added value' in any everyone they meet. I've come to understand I think with the heart more in my professional career and more with my mind in my personal life, and I'm becoming aware that more balance is needed in my personal life as it pertains to heart and mind. I think the point is that if you care about what other people think, they are more prone to care about what you think, hence creating a scenario where 'good things happen.' Good things happen when you hold your cards backwards and let everyone know you have the full house, or the pair of deuces, or the high card, or the royal flush. It really flat-lines hierarchy, and that's really where the world is going I believe in the conceptual age, therefore caring what other people think and heeding to human emotion will be a crucial key to success in the future.

I think in every-one's struggle to achieve balance, 25 pound weight loss, beautiful skin, new career or what else have you, there is the sludge period that you have to fight through. One thing that has been reinforced in the past couple months is that the world is FULL OF DISTRACTION, stay on the critical path, do the hard stuff first, and the easy stuff will fall into place. If you do stuff that you know others can't do, you will get ahead in life, if try to 'work the system,' it will put your life in the hands of someone else.

I woke up a few years ago and felt I could conquer the world, here's a book that made it happen, and here's another. These two cut through bullshit with like a warm knife cuts through butter, they've empowered me with the work ethic to expand my own creativity, they transcend professions, make me realize I'm in control of my own destiny, I can make it happen and generally speaking make me feel good.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Antics

The album of the weekend

Ashton and I, can you tell which one of us is expecting?

Gman and Jamie got a new truck! A nice blue Dodge :)

It's amazing to watch things grow, Ronnie is THE MAN, and we'll have some great organic grub this summer. Also the lemon tree and pomogranite trees are doing great!

Ronnie giving my old crusty guitar some new strings.

Mummy and Jamie in the backyard, notice the nice new coushins on the chairs.

Finally jalapeno sausage along with other meat, I love meat :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

I smell the engine grease and mint the wind is blending Under the moan of rotting elm in the silo floor

Jupiter Hotel Portland was the site of the James Mercer, Steve Malkmus set, I must say it was extraordinary, a benefit for an Elementary School. Brilliant, even though the crowd talked through both sets.

The lights at the Jupiter are black lights, the decor is IKEAish which is the fashionable thing to do, and hipsters galore. What do I do? Go to Wal Mart and get me a nice faded glory polo so I can look presentable at the gig.

James Mercer at his finest.

Malkmus seemed to be a bit boozed up, after the set, I was thinking, man I hope James wasn't drinking with Stephen before the show!

Rolando and Me enroute to Bside bar, a local dive.

Mike D and I, you know, one of those moments where we couldn't find anyone to take a picture of all 3 of us.

The 'Doug Fir', the joining restro to the Jupiter, amazing amazing amazing, can't say anything but good about the place, from service to drinks to prices to environment.

Enroute to the early gig, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the zoom in this camera is.

Lots of planes trains and automobiles in the city, but they aren't intrusive at all.

I like the billboards around town, all promoting health and the environment rather than burgers

Broadway Bar, one of the microbrews we hit, I had an Amber that was great, but waking up at 4 that morning made me proceed to take a nap in the tavern while Rolando and Mike D shot pool.

This place was great too, I had a chicken something or another, but the bread here was amazing.

The gig mentioned above was also a fundraiser for an elementary school. I didn't know this at first, and as they 'registered' me, I said 'I ain't gonna buy anything', and I felt bad when the lady gave me a sad look, when I knew why I understood.

A long walk back to the hotel after a day of walking around touring the city, hopping into a bar every now and then, and just taking in the general atmosphere. We stayed right between those two symmetrical things in the distance, a not-too-nice hotel

Mt Hood is near Ptown, we flew right over it enroute to the city, it looks BIG from the airplane. Really cool looking!

Lots of murals all around town, tributes to animals everwhere.

I hung out for an hour or so in the park by the river and took in the scenery. The town seems to be broken into two sides, both sides sharing each of the cool landmarks, maybe a bit heavy on the downtown side.

powells bookstore, this thing is amazing, cant describe it, just got to see it.

energy drink supposedly organic, haven't tasted anything like this on the planet

roland mike d city center

tree near the japanese garden that was shedding its leaves all over the walkway

mike d wearing his newly purchased ptown shirt!

a blinged out pub, can you guess which 'nationality' they are trying to 'appeal' to?

market in downtown, kinda cool, but once you've been to camden in london you're spoiled for life

Finally 'Saltys', the 'best' seafood in Portland. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a negative 25. I'm up for paying a bit for food on occasion if its good, or if there are big portions, or there is good service or atmosphere. this had none of the above and it was expensive as HELL! How's about 25 bucks for 'fish and chips' that you get at your local pub for 6? How bout a seafood sampler starter with 3 pieces of shrimp, two small crab cakes, and some little fried niblets that they try to pass for squid.

\\ Geeze I could go on forever, but Rolando and Mike D say it best with the establishment in the background

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere, underneath my being is a road that disappeared

Eddie Vedder is good for modern day poetry. I 'heard' or 'read' somewhere he wrote 'Alive' after staying up for 3 days straight. I'm fascinated by people who do what isn't popular or right, but turn out to be legends when it's all said and done.

Driving home this song got me to raise and eyebrow and rush home to find out who and what it was.

How do these modern day poets come up with this stuff? I wonder if I could do something remotely close to this one day, when I'm not tired from being stuck in the land of geekdom. I notice how Eddie threw in the 'so it goes...' Kurt Vonnegut style


On bended knee is no way to be free
lifting up an empty cup I ask silently
that all my destinations will accept the one that's me
so I can breath

Circles they grow and they swallow people whole
half their lives they say goodnight to wive's they'll never know
got a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul
so it goes...

Don't come closer or I'll have to go
Holding me like gravity are places that pull
If ever there was someone to keep me at home
It would be you...

Everyone I come across in cages they bought
they think of me and my wandering
but I'm never what they thought
got my indignation but I'm pure in all my thoughts
I'm alive...

Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere
underneath my being is a road that disappeared
late at night I hear the trees
they're singing with the dead

Leave it to me as I find a way to be
consider me a satelite for ever orbiting
I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tied to a Brick, Sweet as a Song, The years have been short but the days go slowly by

Lots of decisions always in life, wish I had a quotation that could mesh it all together. Random comments.

There are personalities all around you, some you want to be influenced by, and some you want to shield yourself from. It's a fascinating time going out and seeing new people, talking to strangers, see what you want to stick, seeing what you want to shield yourself from.

Jesse the Body has interesting sentiments on what to do as a libertarian, interesting, but probably devastating results. He says put 'none of the above' on the ballot, see if that would win. Our political system transcends into chaos while it's trying to fix itself. I guess it's coming, hopefully a few generations down the road, it happens to the best of em'. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc, etc.

Mike D and I are going to Ptown Friday to see two modern day profits, James Mercer of The Shins and Stephen Malkmus of the used-to-be-band Pavement armed with nothing but acoustic guitars. Raw, ageless, intense, introspective, humorous and delightful music. I often jam these guys in the car and wish, damn, I want to be cool like them.

In the midst of it all in many ways I'm lost, somewhere in a cave with a flashlight, a life filled with sensory overload, a life struggling to keep balance, a life of suggestions and comments. I try to do it to the best of my ability with tact and eloquence (my own sort of sloppy eloquence,) something that I feel isn't a commodity. In life I guess I stroll through periods where I feel I'm damaged goods, and the spiral circles down for a brief period, I stop digging, I crawl out to a certain level, poke my head up, see if anyone is looking or listening, and then revert back to chillin' in my functionally dis-functional comfort zone.

One of my coworkers (nudge me if you read this) says this is the 'all about me' blog. I'd have to agree. It's interesting to see the 'stages' one goes through in life when things are unsettled. At one point it was bloggin' about music, slap some pics of friends out there partying, blog more about music, throw a tidbit about religion in there, throw something about politics, more music, lately its been me, me, me.

Also, a dinner update, tonight I went for a pleasant jog and ate some Frito's. The menu tomorrow will improve no matter what it is, balance will come, sooner or later.

I finally check out Schultze Gets the Blues, a great movie that poses the sentiment.... It's never too late to re-tune your soul

I was flat on my back with my feet in the thorns, I was in between the apples and the chloroform

Mike P and Mike D, The Dog and Duck Pub, a place I love, place I've tried to solve the worlds problems via pub talk many stumbly nights. I told them to look mad.

I liked the slogan on the table, basically saying carpe diem.

A rare Robert visit to the mall to get measured for a Tuxedo for Mike P's wedding. I'm excited to finally get to go to Denver, Fourth of July.

Then there's Austin East side, a place where the purist go to escape tourists. It's truly exciting down this way.

Jenny and Mark, dark picture, Primos, right next to Rabbit Lounge.

Finally Ashley and Mike D, Ashley ridin' her bike all over the place.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

42 Years to Write, 4 Minutes to sing

I'm Just Tryin' To Find A Decent Melody, A Song that I can sing in my own company

Problems of the heart call for a U2 record. How is it that Bono just knows what to say to me. I love him and I hate him all at once. People who know what to do and say at the right time truly have a gift.

Tonight I unloaded my camera from my trip that seems to be already ages ago.

This is the top bubble of the Reistag, want to read some great reading, google search the Reistag fire, and take a gander at all the crazy political turbulence that lead up to that moment. The little blue thing is where the German parliament conducts business, and every angle of the building is designed for transparency.

Space age indeed.

A black and white pyre full of mirrors that words cannot do justice.

A menacing site under the moonlight, actually that 'scary' German logo, they call the 'plump chicken' or something like that. It looks mean, but the symbolism is different.

The Europa center in what used to be the main area in West Berlin. Lots going on in the area, lots of integration activity. The 'Zoo' Station is no longer the hub, there is now a 'main' station different from Zoo and Alexanderplatz. These are just observations, I wasn't there long enough to really scope it out.

The TV tower in Alexanderplatz, the feeling here is amazing, one of my favorite places in the world.

Can't leave out a picture of the Brandenburg gate, impressive, and the symbolism, amazing.

Breaking porcelain, a tradition, most brought dishes, these gals smashed a toilet, what a site!

The BBQ pit before the steaks and braut were thrown on. I enjoyed talking to the man who made the BBQ, he had a fascinating story or two to tell.

Yum Yum Yum!

Franzi and Marco cleaning the aftermath.

Cutting through the heart to enter.

The Culture Hall where the wedding reception was in Wusterwitz.

The grub, I heard many cool stories about the food and what a 'champion' the chef was who catered. Put it short, best grub I've ate in at least 10 years, possibly in my life.

More pictures, commentary and video to come.