Monday, April 28, 2008

I Heard the Night Was Pickin' Up A Song, You Threw Your Hair Back and You Sang Along

The weekend belonged to Robyn and Rolando, the wedding in a Dallas suburb.

What were the guys doing behind there you ask? Well, Baptist Church parking lots are good places for a brew or two.

Living in the nicest place in NB, the 'flux capacitor' went out and didn't get repaired for a week. Who knew those were in AC's.

Sunday brought us to uncle Benny's house, check out the wildlife in the back yard.

A water hose running for 7 months straight yields this much water in a tank. Lots of deer come drink from the water uncle says.

Eatin a lot of BBQ down here all the time.

Bennie's T-Bird I'm promised to have a ride in sooner than later.

Finally, a family shot, from the wedding. We were 'representin' for Don and Robyn and of course Rolando we welcome as a new addition to the family :) .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

flux capacitor, that's too funny.

You have good people surrounding you,
no wonder you live such
a good life :).

--cheers brother Rob.