Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I was flat on my back with my feet in the thorns, I was in between the apples and the chloroform

Mike P and Mike D, The Dog and Duck Pub, a place I love, place I've tried to solve the worlds problems via pub talk many stumbly nights. I told them to look mad.

I liked the slogan on the table, basically saying carpe diem.

A rare Robert visit to the mall to get measured for a Tuxedo for Mike P's wedding. I'm excited to finally get to go to Denver, Fourth of July.

Then there's Austin East side, a place where the purist go to escape tourists. It's truly exciting down this way.

Jenny and Mark, dark picture, Primos, right next to Rabbit Lounge.

Finally Ashley and Mike D, Ashley ridin' her bike all over the place.

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