Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's the Feeling I Get When I Look to the West, Having all the Answers Still Failing the Test

A few things come to my mind tonight, integrity, and what that means to people, and a question that popped up in a facebook status, what do you care about what other people's feelings. So much has been swirling around in my head on these topics, and the cursed 85 degree spring Texas night and a broken AC in a posh apartment has me down, sleepless, and sweatin' like crazy. Hence disconnected fragments of thought and emotion.

Integrity as defined by google define basically says stay consistent with your inner self, accept responsibility and accountability. It's apparent, if not obvious that the Clinton diva, as stated in a prose I read a few weeks ago is walking a fine line between genius and pessimism, and all it has me thinking is that to 'win' in politics means to sacrifice freewill and personal integrity, at least that is the train of thought that seems to effect 'blue collar' people and not us 'affluent' people. I'm disturbed by the events of the political race, Obama certainly has character and integrity, and most importantly consistency. McCain has integrity, not consistency, and Hillary....a desire to win, what to me is a blatant personal agenda, something Obama said tonight.....is it 'how we win' or 'why we should.' These things shine heavily and regardless of the outcome of this race, these words will be remembered in the future, and the question will be did you fall into a pessimism / fear based vote, and 'screw it I ain't even participating vote, or did you vote for a man that can inspire the hearts and minds of countless people, and for Hillary to condescend on someone who can fill up a stadium full of people and twist the facts and play these stupid games is pitiful. What happens when McCain starts to pick on Hillary's character? It's really easy to do, Obama hasn't gone there because he has integrity. Where has all the integrity gone in the election, and how has the American political system turned into a soap opera money making machine that has to 'report news' even when there is no news. It really is sad times.

What do I care about what other people think of me? I've thought about this a lot the last few days and I sincerely care a lot about what people think. There are people that communicate with the heart (emotional intelligence) and those who communicate with the mind, I think the true deviants in life can tap into both and empathize with whatever personality they come across and find 'added value' in any everyone they meet. I've come to understand I think with the heart more in my professional career and more with my mind in my personal life, and I'm becoming aware that more balance is needed in my personal life as it pertains to heart and mind. I think the point is that if you care about what other people think, they are more prone to care about what you think, hence creating a scenario where 'good things happen.' Good things happen when you hold your cards backwards and let everyone know you have the full house, or the pair of deuces, or the high card, or the royal flush. It really flat-lines hierarchy, and that's really where the world is going I believe in the conceptual age, therefore caring what other people think and heeding to human emotion will be a crucial key to success in the future.

I think in every-one's struggle to achieve balance, 25 pound weight loss, beautiful skin, new career or what else have you, there is the sludge period that you have to fight through. One thing that has been reinforced in the past couple months is that the world is FULL OF DISTRACTION, stay on the critical path, do the hard stuff first, and the easy stuff will fall into place. If you do stuff that you know others can't do, you will get ahead in life, if try to 'work the system,' it will put your life in the hands of someone else.

I woke up a few years ago and felt I could conquer the world, here's a book that made it happen, and here's another. These two cut through bullshit with like a warm knife cuts through butter, they've empowered me with the work ethic to expand my own creativity, they transcend professions, make me realize I'm in control of my own destiny, I can make it happen and generally speaking make me feel good.

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waxtad said...

Truer words, my man. Unfortunately, politics is never about integrity. If it was, it wouldn't be politics. For so long now the presidential election has been more like a casting call, trying to find that person who acts most presidentially or whatever, and to some people that means doing whatever it takes. I don't know why people fall for HC's bs or how they can be sucked into it, but then again most people believe what the tv tells them to. People throw around "driven" and "determined", like those are excuses to act like a total ass and split the party like a piece of fruit. All she does is lie. She's like Bill, and I kinda like the guy. Obama needs to punch back. It's like he's trying to take the high road in Thunderdome or some shit. You can't do that, you gotta blow your dog whistle and knock her fuckin head off.