Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tied to a Brick, Sweet as a Song, The years have been short but the days go slowly by

Lots of decisions always in life, wish I had a quotation that could mesh it all together. Random comments.

There are personalities all around you, some you want to be influenced by, and some you want to shield yourself from. It's a fascinating time going out and seeing new people, talking to strangers, see what you want to stick, seeing what you want to shield yourself from.

Jesse the Body has interesting sentiments on what to do as a libertarian, interesting, but probably devastating results. He says put 'none of the above' on the ballot, see if that would win. Our political system transcends into chaos while it's trying to fix itself. I guess it's coming, hopefully a few generations down the road, it happens to the best of em'. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc, etc.

Mike D and I are going to Ptown Friday to see two modern day profits, James Mercer of The Shins and Stephen Malkmus of the used-to-be-band Pavement armed with nothing but acoustic guitars. Raw, ageless, intense, introspective, humorous and delightful music. I often jam these guys in the car and wish, damn, I want to be cool like them.

In the midst of it all in many ways I'm lost, somewhere in a cave with a flashlight, a life filled with sensory overload, a life struggling to keep balance, a life of suggestions and comments. I try to do it to the best of my ability with tact and eloquence (my own sort of sloppy eloquence,) something that I feel isn't a commodity. In life I guess I stroll through periods where I feel I'm damaged goods, and the spiral circles down for a brief period, I stop digging, I crawl out to a certain level, poke my head up, see if anyone is looking or listening, and then revert back to chillin' in my functionally dis-functional comfort zone.

One of my coworkers (nudge me if you read this) says this is the 'all about me' blog. I'd have to agree. It's interesting to see the 'stages' one goes through in life when things are unsettled. At one point it was bloggin' about music, slap some pics of friends out there partying, blog more about music, throw a tidbit about religion in there, throw something about politics, more music, lately its been me, me, me.

Also, a dinner update, tonight I went for a pleasant jog and ate some Frito's. The menu tomorrow will improve no matter what it is, balance will come, sooner or later.

I finally check out Schultze Gets the Blues, a great movie that poses the sentiment.... It's never too late to re-tune your soul

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SG said...

Did you mean "two modern day profits" or "two modern day prophets".

Not that I am one to correct one's english (see my blog). I am just trying to see how clever you are trying to be...