Monday, May 19, 2008

You said fusion was the broken heart that's lonely's only thought And all night long you drove me wild with your equations

Tonight I go to the bar to watch the spurs, for water cooler talks sake. I like 'soccer' because once it was explained to me, countries abstract their hatred for another country to an opponents soccer team. Made sense to me, makes the stakes more intense, etc, etc. Meat and potato basketball wins again.

Got to thinking tonight a lot about social networking and how the world is hyper connected, what that means for everyone, where is it going, what does it all mean, and I'm still drawing a blank. Traditional 'networking' says go out and meet people, meet people with common interests with common stakes. If the end state of networking was to 'meet people' wouldn't it be in your best interests to engage in your local professional sports team, video games, american idol, or other stuff massively consumed by pop culture? What drives the world? What makes people go out and what are they searching for? The vast majority I'd say are searching for community. A suppose a hyper connected world makes commodities out of oddities in thought word and deed, problem is these friends aren't available for a typical friday night on the town, so what good does it do in the tradition world of friendships, comradery, intimacy, and community?

It also got me thinking about marco vs micro brain functions. Give a little to get a little, give a lot to get a lot, take that job for an extra 5k or watch the trends in the workforce and ride the wave. I've always tended to see the world on the macro level, buy the 50 dollar lunch gain a friend mentality (but that certainly doesn't mean I'm buying friends, its buying trust it will work out in the wash). Always keep throwing stuff into the equation, not maybe per se for the sake of interest, but for the sake of diversifying you portfolio of friends therefore diversifying your equity as a human being.

A night on the town with the spurs I could care less, a night on the town with friends I very seldom pass up, a night on the town with dialog about Belle and Sebastian, independent films and the world at large are something I miss dearly.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This one dropped a payload Fodder for the animals Living on an animal farm

Radiohead carry the flag for indie rock to Houston.

A rainbow above the gig,

later a kinda full mood.

Ronster, mr 5th row, must be nice.

the free tibet theme going on.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sail Away on a Crystal Ship in a Bottle, Gonna Say Goodbye to All my Friends on Shore

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle, a GEM of a book if I ever did read one. It talks of many things, basically though it speaks of what is in your control is RIGHT NOW. I could go on forever, but here's the brief.

It speaks of being super conscious, and if you are / when you are, you're able to get rid of things like fear and doubt. There is a cliche that says 'who you are is the person you are when no one is watching.' Any vices you have can be handled by becoming conscious of the now. This includes not making yourself a victim of the past, or saying that things will be better in the future. This book also falls in line with what I think leads to a good work ethic, 'control what you are doing now and your cards will fall into place.

Consciousness also helps with self image. As I take a stroll through loads of college kids with pretty bodies and a 'cool' persona, I dig down, look at my pasty white legs, appreciate them, and enjoy what I bring to the table of humanity holistically. Without being conscious, I think well maybe I need to lose my belly, or have a better complexion, or get some different shoes, or maybe my outfit isn't good enough. Then I take a deep breath and access what are the lasting attributes to make you a whole person.

It also speaks in terms of spirituality. One point, and I paraphrase, personality dies, radiance lives on in humans. When bad things happen, you can still be at peace while being sad. Also, a statement to the effect of 'time is the illusion that keeps god in check.'

Fascinating read, I'll probably pick up another one sooner or later by him. Now I'm sifting through the Ron Paul 'Revolution' along with 'Into Thin Air,' the only survivors account of the deadliest year in Everest history.

Boy, You're Gonna Carry that Weight

Years back a friend of mine did 'Project: Does your Vote Count', she basically said 'no', and based on this election the holes in the 'process' really shin through. Some say its a 'win' for democracy, in the sense that there have been a lot of new registered voters, however, if the participation rate isn't above 50 percent, what does that mean for the true state of democracy. What does it mean that the same surname has been in power for the last 20 years? For a brief period of time, England was a republic, then they said, screw this, we want our king and queen back to sit back and look pretty, and we'll slap a prime minister and parliament to boot. Seems like a way to handle the whole 'name recognition' aspect of what government has become.

Political parties and their rules, this, that or the other. Votes turn into delegates by a mathematical process based on caucuses and primaries. In the meantime, the 'super delegates' (also know as political insiders that have been courted for years and years by incumbents (Clintons), and they don't follow the vote of the people because they have 'been good to.'

Let's take the media, it turns it into a drama, check out Seth's blog and the checks where this is 'true' information, but not really relevant, and this is what is swaying the populous. CNN is making great money on this election, fair balanced and hateful fox doesn't know what to do, NBC is something I can't even stay with.

It's sad that our process is so silly, and good people on all sides of the fence have to follow party platforms weather they agree or not, pander for votes because the media looks for flag pin controversies, old dude jokes, or what have you. What a trip through the mud.

Who wants to change the process? All in favor, say 'I'!

In the meantime, like 2PAC says, its me against the world. Obama has weathered a nutjob preacher (all of them are nutjobs and like Kennedy says, don't vote based on religious affiliation), 30+ years of Clinton 'super delegate' and next will be the kitchen sink, but when the email comes around asking for contributions, I throw my 25 bucks in the pot and I try to get people out to vote, because that's what democracy is about, participation, right? Money and mouth, I follow a message of hope, not cynicism, I'm not green and I'm not bitter.

I fall in the gray area that can't be defined by the limited political affiliations out there. I don't understand that there are millions of websites, but 2 candidates for president. Why do humans need pyramid structures?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

of course mommas gonna help build a wall

There she is, mummy and the turnip. We celebrated mothers day in a low key fashion, on a beautiful day. She's the bomb, and I'm glad she had us kids.

How's about a bird house 'made in the Philippines' (sp?) coming to you from a 'free trade' program.

Big Peppers

Huge Onions

Hotter peppers

Green Tomatoes, these things are going to be BIG.

Finally, the man with the gardening plan, peppers in one hand, keystone in the others. Thanks for everything Ronster, lookin' forward to some nice hot sauce!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Long Long Time Ago, I Can Still Remeber How That Music Used to Make Me Smile

A chance meeting, Toshi and Robert in Schulemburg Texas of all places. He drives about 70 miles, I drive about a 100 to eat some 'classy' food at 'Franks,' hmmmm, I THINK I can cook better :)

I can and will go on and on one day about Toshi, he is easily one of my best friends, and wish we could hang out more often.

Two years later, Toshi mentions that my belly gets bigger and bigger, gee thanks!

I think it was the vertical stripes that made me look fat :)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

These Are the Muddy Waters I'm Swimming In, To Make a Living were I to Drown in Them It Should Come as No Surprise

A handful of peeps came out for my brief stint at my current job. Tomorrow I take my lunch pail and go to a new adventure, it's always kinda like the first day of school.

Well here's the Das Boot at Freisenhaus, it's 2 liters of brutal Spaten, surely to knock you on your butt.

Check out those little beers by the boot.

My box of goodies, typical sinus meds, books, deodorant for tough meetings (although I didn't have to go to many here), and a Barbie doll given to me as a novelty.

Finally meet Pat, a good buddy, cube neighbor, someone who can make C# do cartwheels.