Monday, May 12, 2008

Boy, You're Gonna Carry that Weight

Years back a friend of mine did 'Project: Does your Vote Count', she basically said 'no', and based on this election the holes in the 'process' really shin through. Some say its a 'win' for democracy, in the sense that there have been a lot of new registered voters, however, if the participation rate isn't above 50 percent, what does that mean for the true state of democracy. What does it mean that the same surname has been in power for the last 20 years? For a brief period of time, England was a republic, then they said, screw this, we want our king and queen back to sit back and look pretty, and we'll slap a prime minister and parliament to boot. Seems like a way to handle the whole 'name recognition' aspect of what government has become.

Political parties and their rules, this, that or the other. Votes turn into delegates by a mathematical process based on caucuses and primaries. In the meantime, the 'super delegates' (also know as political insiders that have been courted for years and years by incumbents (Clintons), and they don't follow the vote of the people because they have 'been good to.'

Let's take the media, it turns it into a drama, check out Seth's blog and the checks where this is 'true' information, but not really relevant, and this is what is swaying the populous. CNN is making great money on this election, fair balanced and hateful fox doesn't know what to do, NBC is something I can't even stay with.

It's sad that our process is so silly, and good people on all sides of the fence have to follow party platforms weather they agree or not, pander for votes because the media looks for flag pin controversies, old dude jokes, or what have you. What a trip through the mud.

Who wants to change the process? All in favor, say 'I'!

In the meantime, like 2PAC says, its me against the world. Obama has weathered a nutjob preacher (all of them are nutjobs and like Kennedy says, don't vote based on religious affiliation), 30+ years of Clinton 'super delegate' and next will be the kitchen sink, but when the email comes around asking for contributions, I throw my 25 bucks in the pot and I try to get people out to vote, because that's what democracy is about, participation, right? Money and mouth, I follow a message of hope, not cynicism, I'm not green and I'm not bitter.

I fall in the gray area that can't be defined by the limited political affiliations out there. I don't understand that there are millions of websites, but 2 candidates for president. Why do humans need pyramid structures?

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