Sunday, May 04, 2008

These Are the Muddy Waters I'm Swimming In, To Make a Living were I to Drown in Them It Should Come as No Surprise

A handful of peeps came out for my brief stint at my current job. Tomorrow I take my lunch pail and go to a new adventure, it's always kinda like the first day of school.

Well here's the Das Boot at Freisenhaus, it's 2 liters of brutal Spaten, surely to knock you on your butt.

Check out those little beers by the boot.

My box of goodies, typical sinus meds, books, deodorant for tough meetings (although I didn't have to go to many here), and a Barbie doll given to me as a novelty.

Finally meet Pat, a good buddy, cube neighbor, someone who can make C# do cartwheels.

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