Monday, May 19, 2008

You said fusion was the broken heart that's lonely's only thought And all night long you drove me wild with your equations

Tonight I go to the bar to watch the spurs, for water cooler talks sake. I like 'soccer' because once it was explained to me, countries abstract their hatred for another country to an opponents soccer team. Made sense to me, makes the stakes more intense, etc, etc. Meat and potato basketball wins again.

Got to thinking tonight a lot about social networking and how the world is hyper connected, what that means for everyone, where is it going, what does it all mean, and I'm still drawing a blank. Traditional 'networking' says go out and meet people, meet people with common interests with common stakes. If the end state of networking was to 'meet people' wouldn't it be in your best interests to engage in your local professional sports team, video games, american idol, or other stuff massively consumed by pop culture? What drives the world? What makes people go out and what are they searching for? The vast majority I'd say are searching for community. A suppose a hyper connected world makes commodities out of oddities in thought word and deed, problem is these friends aren't available for a typical friday night on the town, so what good does it do in the tradition world of friendships, comradery, intimacy, and community?

It also got me thinking about marco vs micro brain functions. Give a little to get a little, give a lot to get a lot, take that job for an extra 5k or watch the trends in the workforce and ride the wave. I've always tended to see the world on the macro level, buy the 50 dollar lunch gain a friend mentality (but that certainly doesn't mean I'm buying friends, its buying trust it will work out in the wash). Always keep throwing stuff into the equation, not maybe per se for the sake of interest, but for the sake of diversifying you portfolio of friends therefore diversifying your equity as a human being.

A night on the town with the spurs I could care less, a night on the town with friends I very seldom pass up, a night on the town with dialog about Belle and Sebastian, independent films and the world at large are something I miss dearly.

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