Thursday, June 26, 2008

Everytime that I look in the mirror, All these lines on my face gettin clearer

Who better to drum up this evening than Aerosmith, a band who I thought was edgy growing up in Shiner, also one of the first concerts I saw back at the polo grounds in the city I work. Frequent plays in the jukebox here you can honestly say.

Speaking of the city I work vs the city I used to live and work, vs the city I live in now, there are stark differences. When I left Austin for San Antonio I was sad, but I knew it had to be done, in my mind and heart. When I arrived in San Antonio, I met a new set a people, a new set of values, a new mindset. At first I preached Austin like it was the best thing since Diet Dr Pepper, all the while my 'new buddy' goes 'no one over here gives a damn about Austin, quit talking about it.'

What's been in store for me in the city I work is a more mature, grounded audience, people who have a very strong identity, and I'm glad to have that rubbing off on me. Most of the time if not all of the time I don't agree with the political ideologies, I have no idea what it's like to have two kids, or relish in things I find not all that interesting. I agree with the artical that cities define you, the city that I feel defines me is 5,000 miles away.

There's something to be said about strenght, in heart, mind and spirit. The average Aerosmith fan knows thyself, however simple this conclusion is, or however small the box they live in. The aren't posers, they aren't name droppers, they aren't cool for the sake of being cool. That old redneck song lyric 'you got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything' holds true.

It's all helping me become a well rounded individual. I have nothing but respect between both sides of the I35 corridor, each one has their purpose. Meanwhile, the city I live has great German heritage and a hybrid of both ends of the spectrum, which equals walks in nature revealing big patios with frequent beer pong games.

Life is good.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I could Never think too muich just like that holy, holy fool, i could see a bright, bright future in the bottom of this coffee cup

A great thing about diversity in human spirit and emotion is your ability to find the blips on the radar that support a common cause. Weather you are working on the 10, 100, 1000 or 1000000000 piece puzzle of life, the more complicated things get, rest assured there is someone expounding brain cells to aid in the quest.

I thought about what it means to have 'real' solutions in this day and age, and how hard it is to achieve this in lieu of all the clamour. What does a newscast do in actually helping find causes to common problems, and just how bad is the average attention span these days. Is it really that simple to reduce oil to frame the question 'to drill or not to drill?' Does it realistically give an accurate depiction the road ahead on issues based on 'bases', political ideologies, personalities, baggage, etc, etc? The silos of human communication has caused an epidemic loss in individual human responsibility, because, as I've played the game before, 'its always someone elses responsibilities.'

Often situations in life are so gummed up tactics have to change in order to achieve a desired effect. Same line of thinking, same effect. An approach that seems to work depends on individual responsibilities working within the confines of the established systems, but also deviant tactics, all the while having a generally good attitude about it all.

Work and personal life have so many parallels in this train of thought, that's what's on my mind this evening, along with a great Love and Rockets MP3 set.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doesn't take much time for plans to change, and offer up another chance, at sewing the dream better suited for both soul and soil

Where have I been, flying under the radar in several ways, leaving a big section of what little irresponsibility I had behind. Life gets tricky at points, right now is a tricky point, but I embrace it completely. All of our lives are predictable, but some are more predictably unpredictable than others, there's my Mike Brady for the day.

I've finished some good audiobooks lately on the commute to work, one being 'Titan' the story of Rockefeller. You know when you've made it in life? When FireFox's spell check corrects your name. No serious, if you want a 50,000 feet view of Standard Oil and Acme Holding, the alignment of complimentary cartels, and the genius to bring it all together, its a wonderful piece.

The Dems wrapped up the primary season with predictable results. As the battle rages on between wedge issues and labels, nothing gets done. Someone recently asked me why I'm an Obama fan, what can he do for the economy, this, that, blah blah blah. Well, noting that we are on a 275 million passenger yacht with the bloods and crypts (dems and republicans), the boat doesn't turn on a dime, and I don't expect it to. What I like about Obama is his ability to inspire people, because his story his improbable. Some weeks back I had a conversation with a 'mass communication masters student' on the topic of grassroots vs traditional communication, which was better. She emphatically said people need organized communication, the canned answer I get from most people 'in the business.' From the perspective of the primaries, Hillary and Bill had a VERY long time to 'woo' these superdelegates, 'take control' of the media, know the 'inside lanes' in Washington, all the while touting 'experience', exactly the experience 'we need' in the White House. Meanwhile, Obama controls internet fund raising and other grassroots communication methods and ousts what was a 'sure to win' candidate. His candidacy started out as a true movement 'yes we can, ' and the yang of the ying always come back, and a counter movement of the 'just because we can, doesn't mean we will' movement forms.

It brings the subject of race into the picture, and what is painfully obvious to me is there is racism, in the country, on a generation basis. Young people for the most part aren't, however there's a lot of residue still lingering with the older folks, I hear it from people all around me, people close to me. I'm sympathetic to the cause of individual responsibility, whoever lives that sorta life always has a seat at the table to discuss. It's our responsibility to participate and come to the table with a well thought out plan. I recently read Dreams from my Father, it's fascinating and inspiring, anyone with an open mind and heart would think the same.

I saw 'Return to Forever' a few weeks back as well, and if you're not familiar, think of the 'all star game' of jazz, and there you'll have it.

I've spent my nights wandering around in the park, taking a deep breath for the soul, on the short term (nightly) and also my time in New Braunfels. There's a big hill next to my place, I climb up and down, up and down, in preparation to climb Mt Elbert on July 2nd, the second highest peak in the continental USA, just right before Mike and Laura P's wedding in Denver. Mountain climbing, is there physically a better metaphor for life?

Signing off for the night, lots of thoughts stirring, will slice thinner as the weeks go by. In the meantime, back to Calexico

I cant remember anything to this very day, cept the look, the look

Jennifer's BDAY party was a ways' back, she's such a special girl, wonderful in too many ways to account for, but I'm glad I met her, and it was an honor to be at her bday party. Always amazing food, always an amazing time.

Which 'accidentally' turned into a pool party when I threw Mike P in, nice shirt and all. This came after a frenzied hula hoop session in which Ashley promised to make me one for practice.

Later on, after a bit of persuasion from Pussers Rum, Ashley and I attempted the 'Dirty Dancing' scene in the pool, Ashley wearing Mike D attire, and me with the ol' shirt still on, just because that's how we roll.

Mahon and Jennifer, representin'

Then there's Mr Entertainment, who provided Shins, etc strummin' for sing along.

Finally, for comic relief, Mike P and I briefly joked around about doing a 'tandem' hula hooping session, however, we didn't want to be that close to each other. Mike and Laura tie the knot on July 4th weekend in Colorado, congrats to them.

Jennifer, Jenny, Ashley Mike Mike Laura Mark, great to have friends like y'all --