Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doesn't take much time for plans to change, and offer up another chance, at sewing the dream better suited for both soul and soil

Where have I been, flying under the radar in several ways, leaving a big section of what little irresponsibility I had behind. Life gets tricky at points, right now is a tricky point, but I embrace it completely. All of our lives are predictable, but some are more predictably unpredictable than others, there's my Mike Brady for the day.

I've finished some good audiobooks lately on the commute to work, one being 'Titan' the story of Rockefeller. You know when you've made it in life? When FireFox's spell check corrects your name. No serious, if you want a 50,000 feet view of Standard Oil and Acme Holding, the alignment of complimentary cartels, and the genius to bring it all together, its a wonderful piece.

The Dems wrapped up the primary season with predictable results. As the battle rages on between wedge issues and labels, nothing gets done. Someone recently asked me why I'm an Obama fan, what can he do for the economy, this, that, blah blah blah. Well, noting that we are on a 275 million passenger yacht with the bloods and crypts (dems and republicans), the boat doesn't turn on a dime, and I don't expect it to. What I like about Obama is his ability to inspire people, because his story his improbable. Some weeks back I had a conversation with a 'mass communication masters student' on the topic of grassroots vs traditional communication, which was better. She emphatically said people need organized communication, the canned answer I get from most people 'in the business.' From the perspective of the primaries, Hillary and Bill had a VERY long time to 'woo' these superdelegates, 'take control' of the media, know the 'inside lanes' in Washington, all the while touting 'experience', exactly the experience 'we need' in the White House. Meanwhile, Obama controls internet fund raising and other grassroots communication methods and ousts what was a 'sure to win' candidate. His candidacy started out as a true movement 'yes we can, ' and the yang of the ying always come back, and a counter movement of the 'just because we can, doesn't mean we will' movement forms.

It brings the subject of race into the picture, and what is painfully obvious to me is there is racism, in the country, on a generation basis. Young people for the most part aren't, however there's a lot of residue still lingering with the older folks, I hear it from people all around me, people close to me. I'm sympathetic to the cause of individual responsibility, whoever lives that sorta life always has a seat at the table to discuss. It's our responsibility to participate and come to the table with a well thought out plan. I recently read Dreams from my Father, it's fascinating and inspiring, anyone with an open mind and heart would think the same.

I saw 'Return to Forever' a few weeks back as well, and if you're not familiar, think of the 'all star game' of jazz, and there you'll have it.

I've spent my nights wandering around in the park, taking a deep breath for the soul, on the short term (nightly) and also my time in New Braunfels. There's a big hill next to my place, I climb up and down, up and down, in preparation to climb Mt Elbert on July 2nd, the second highest peak in the continental USA, just right before Mike and Laura P's wedding in Denver. Mountain climbing, is there physically a better metaphor for life?

Signing off for the night, lots of thoughts stirring, will slice thinner as the weeks go by. In the meantime, back to Calexico

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