Thursday, June 26, 2008

Everytime that I look in the mirror, All these lines on my face gettin clearer

Who better to drum up this evening than Aerosmith, a band who I thought was edgy growing up in Shiner, also one of the first concerts I saw back at the polo grounds in the city I work. Frequent plays in the jukebox here you can honestly say.

Speaking of the city I work vs the city I used to live and work, vs the city I live in now, there are stark differences. When I left Austin for San Antonio I was sad, but I knew it had to be done, in my mind and heart. When I arrived in San Antonio, I met a new set a people, a new set of values, a new mindset. At first I preached Austin like it was the best thing since Diet Dr Pepper, all the while my 'new buddy' goes 'no one over here gives a damn about Austin, quit talking about it.'

What's been in store for me in the city I work is a more mature, grounded audience, people who have a very strong identity, and I'm glad to have that rubbing off on me. Most of the time if not all of the time I don't agree with the political ideologies, I have no idea what it's like to have two kids, or relish in things I find not all that interesting. I agree with the artical that cities define you, the city that I feel defines me is 5,000 miles away.

There's something to be said about strenght, in heart, mind and spirit. The average Aerosmith fan knows thyself, however simple this conclusion is, or however small the box they live in. The aren't posers, they aren't name droppers, they aren't cool for the sake of being cool. That old redneck song lyric 'you got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything' holds true.

It's all helping me become a well rounded individual. I have nothing but respect between both sides of the I35 corridor, each one has their purpose. Meanwhile, the city I live has great German heritage and a hybrid of both ends of the spectrum, which equals walks in nature revealing big patios with frequent beer pong games.

Life is good.

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SG said...

I like the article linked to "cities define you". It talks about the messages a city sends.

Houston Tx: You are only here for the great jobs, you should want to live somewhere cooler..

Sugar Land Tx: If your kids are not in five activities a week, excelling in a sport, and on honor-roll; you are a bad parent..