Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I cant remember anything to this very day, cept the look, the look

Jennifer's BDAY party was a ways' back, she's such a special girl, wonderful in too many ways to account for, but I'm glad I met her, and it was an honor to be at her bday party. Always amazing food, always an amazing time.

Which 'accidentally' turned into a pool party when I threw Mike P in, nice shirt and all. This came after a frenzied hula hoop session in which Ashley promised to make me one for practice.

Later on, after a bit of persuasion from Pussers Rum, Ashley and I attempted the 'Dirty Dancing' scene in the pool, Ashley wearing Mike D attire, and me with the ol' shirt still on, just because that's how we roll.

Mahon and Jennifer, representin'

Then there's Mr Entertainment, who provided Shins, etc strummin' for sing along.

Finally, for comic relief, Mike P and I briefly joked around about doing a 'tandem' hula hooping session, however, we didn't want to be that close to each other. Mike and Laura tie the knot on July 4th weekend in Colorado, congrats to them.

Jennifer, Jenny, Ashley Mike Mike Laura Mark, great to have friends like y'all --

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