Sunday, June 22, 2008

I could Never think too muich just like that holy, holy fool, i could see a bright, bright future in the bottom of this coffee cup

A great thing about diversity in human spirit and emotion is your ability to find the blips on the radar that support a common cause. Weather you are working on the 10, 100, 1000 or 1000000000 piece puzzle of life, the more complicated things get, rest assured there is someone expounding brain cells to aid in the quest.

I thought about what it means to have 'real' solutions in this day and age, and how hard it is to achieve this in lieu of all the clamour. What does a newscast do in actually helping find causes to common problems, and just how bad is the average attention span these days. Is it really that simple to reduce oil to frame the question 'to drill or not to drill?' Does it realistically give an accurate depiction the road ahead on issues based on 'bases', political ideologies, personalities, baggage, etc, etc? The silos of human communication has caused an epidemic loss in individual human responsibility, because, as I've played the game before, 'its always someone elses responsibilities.'

Often situations in life are so gummed up tactics have to change in order to achieve a desired effect. Same line of thinking, same effect. An approach that seems to work depends on individual responsibilities working within the confines of the established systems, but also deviant tactics, all the while having a generally good attitude about it all.

Work and personal life have so many parallels in this train of thought, that's what's on my mind this evening, along with a great Love and Rockets MP3 set.

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