Monday, July 14, 2008

Beautiful Faces and Loud Empty Places, Look at the Way that We Live, Wastin' Our Time on Cheap Talk and Wine, Left Us So Little To Give

I've been asked and told from time to time 'what good is 'identity blogging''? Taking a page out of your life, making it digestible to a to a global audience, even if only 15 people read it per day. What's the use?

Economies of scope, with yourself as the nucleus of the equation, an equation for conceit, or a lesson in self-evaluation, that is the question. I write what's on my mind to help myself 'figure things out,' and frame it in a forum that is 'society,' it's made things clearer through the years, and its made me a better person. I don't think I've ever been 'dugg', my technorati scores in down the tube, and I get an occasional visitor in here that's looking for the lyrics for 'sweet home Alabama,' but I'm not here to win friends or influence people. However, I care deeply about my 15 loyal readers.

Life is kinda like that movie 'The Aviator.' When Leonardo paraphrases the words of Howard Hughes, 'We got to get the people over the clouds, the ride in the clouds is bumpy as hell.' Staying in the clouds guarantees a bumpy ride, and breaking free from the clouds is something to strive for. Moving out of the cloud involves breaking the mold, whatever mold you're in, for the sake of individual progress.

I've found in a world of name dropping, you fight the battles that need fighting and ignore the others. It's important to know enough about names to call BS.

Eagles Greatest Hits Volume One and Two, wonderful :)

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