Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let me see tomorrow and I’ll try to understand, How the sinking of my little vessel fits into your plan

Picked up a local newspaper today, thought about what 'current' people tap into and how society is full of labels. World news, national news, regional news, local news, conservative, liberal, different lollipop flavors of religion; how silly it is to brand yourself in a day and age where everything is blended, hyper-connected and just not that simple.

Human beings are extremely complex individuals, and to label and scrutinize the 'top people's' every move is preposterous. Lets take 'failed endeavors' for example and consider what we tell ourselves to make us feel better. I was too like this, they were too like this, that test was 'stupid' anyway, 'they dont understand.' A wise maverick once said he doesn't do business with anyone who says 'you dont understand.' At the end of the day, you're able to sleep, you've taken the easy way out, you've rationalized your decisions and affiliations.

Picking your battles and articulate, articulate, articulate is the way to figure out what you actually mean, and the fray of any incident goes away due to knowing yourself and the causes you are fighting for and sticking to your guns. If 'you don't get it,' it's my job to show you, and vice-versa.

People are all attached to different currents, some more emphatic than others, but the kicker to it all is, whatever circle you're rollin' in, everyone counts. The whole freewill sentiment can be a pain sometimes, really hard to handle the emotional pressure, so how do you change it? You join a group.

Once you join a group, you're with a bunch of people who think and act like you do, and consequently everyone around you is right all the time, and people who challange your ideas or idealogy are thrown to the lions, and written off. You're now a member of a tribe, where you're drinking what they're sellin.'

That's when tribe A and tribe B have arguements that say, 'orange, no green, no orange, no pale green, no no dark orange.'

Sad thing about it is, there's lots of doomesday scenerios, economies will crash, this that, blah blah blah, but there will be no twilight of humanity, nothing extravagent when the whole place goes up it flames, things just role on, due to self preservation. It's a good thing because 'all living things are prescious,' but it's a bad thing because society and the tribes we've made for ourselves have become so sterile, there's no way for them to correct themselves, so mother nature / father time in turn will do it for us.

A good swift kick in the ass is just too 'politically incorrect' these days.

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