Thursday, July 24, 2008

O Thinkin' about our Younger Years, It was Only You and Me, We were Young and Wild and Free

Lot goes on in your mind when you take a trip down memory / amnesia lane, what goes on in my mind as I sit through a set through Bryan Adams / Foreigner is what is 'real', what is artificial, and what flat out needs to go.

I've seen more gigs than I'd like to admit at VWA San Antonio, but it's time for that poorly managed hell hole to shut its doors. Its like at the peak of the 'global-record-domination-empire' created a squeeky clean place to accommodate the masses, although customer service wasn't in mind, rather profit margin.

With that being said, a genuine article like Bryan Adam rolls in, to a semi appreciative crowd of 3,200, one has to think, man this is MUCH better than the atmosphere surrounding the moment. I think of a metaphysical defense of BA, and there is tons to justify the hits, the personality, and the all around candor of the individual on stage who's there out of the love of the music.

It gets me thinking about 'naming conventions', and the fact that Bryan Adams showed up for the Bryan Adams gig deserved serious accolades. The fact that an old dude with a Les Paul showed up with a bunch of newbies as per Foreigner speaks volumes in a different direction.

While all this goes on my mind is off in all sorts of tangents, but it was a genuine night, much more than I can say for most of this modern day hipster bullshit.

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