Wednesday, July 09, 2008

They say I need some Rogaine To put in my hair Work it out at the gym To fit my underwear

Mike and Laura P's wedding was here, the Wild Basin Lodge, would have loved to stay here, great view, mountain stream running through the back, very picturesque. Just can't handle the 250 a night, hence the lovely super 8 on the cheap.

The road to the lodge was treacherous, once even a big ol' deer or elk or something ran out in front of us, scared the heck out of me.

A long, long time ago, I saw a stone in the water, and we dubbed it the poop stone, well, this is poop stone number 2.

Where the wedding was, a quaint little place around back. The day of the wedding there were about 500 rain drops, just enough to let Mike and Laura know they were rich.

Mike, Laura, and Mr. P doing some praying or meditation over the water overlooking the wilderness.

Mahon in Laura's eyes, I was trying hard to capture that shot, it finally kinda worked out.

The Mountaineer Restro, Estes Park = 1/3 extremely rich people, 1/3 redneck, 1/3 tourist.

A healthy diet of all this stuff for the last however I can remember, alas, 209 lbs, I'm looking to cut at least 25 in 3(0) months.

The reception had amazing texmex and ritas, and a wonderfully decorated house.

A picture of the guys all dressed up.

Hanging down waiting for the festivities to commence.

Mike's mom and I, such a wonderful lady, I enjoyed talking with her quite a bit. HI MS P, HOPE YOU ARE DOING GREAT, :) -- and thanks for reading my blog!

Here's happy Mahon, without using photoshop to remove the zit on his head.

Tom, Erin, and Caleb, great folks representin' for Austin.

Me and Mike D gangsta shot, by Saturday we were extremely worn out and couldn't wait to get back to atown

As for the wedding, double crowns on the rocks please, and I caught the garter.

Mike D, a few cocktails deep, dancing to The Shins. 10.30 started the shuttle bus down to reality.

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