Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You don't need the stories of my scars or in the stars to tell you nothings free. I traded all the innocence I ever had for hesitation

I've found in life whatever age you are, there's someone always there to explain the nuance life throws at you. Tomorrow I see Bryan Adams, he used to be a person who explained things to me, when life was 'more simple,' looking back we all see things at trite in our past, but as we handle the adversity at the time, it was a big deal. I recall listening to the song 'Everything I Do (I Do It For You) over and over again at church camp, it was the only cassette single I had for the trip, and camping / bunking in the midst of a bunch of burping, farting and coughing guys, Bryan Adams was my refuge.

Looking back I feel is important, to understand the strife you were going through, then understand your current position and not sweat it, because chances are 10 years from now you'll feel the same way, and some other person or idea will take root in your life and grow. The base is what you become based on a collective of these events, loss of first love, the shitty job you once had, general bickering with friends and family, and yes, the cheesy music you listen to -- you're defined by the tactics in which you deal with these adversities, some throw em' out, some learn lessons, some let them fester.

What happened to the innocence in the world? Where did it go in such a short period of time, and what's in store for the future? Don't know the answer but I surely do admire the question.

Random non-sequitur or two to conclude

1 -- I've become fast food fat boy. The perils of 'putting in a hard days work' makes me yearn for the cheeseburger. Looking around the apartment, I see, bag from McDonalds, bag from Chick Fil A, Taco Bell, and tonight Whataburger.....Why? Because I'm out of cans of tuna. What is it that lures me to the drive through windows? Convenience, that's it, but being a single person, what's my hurry, why do I run to stand still? And how can I kick my own A$$ into shape?

I've decided once my back heals from this wound I want to put in the history books, I'd like to get a nutritionalist, someone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong, and can help me avoid the modern day psychology of fast food nation.

2 -- Evolution -- I've always had ideas about this, and considering how we've evolved from monkeys or what have you, why is it there are humans, and then the next step is baboons, or something further down the line. How come there aren't anything closer to humans then something to the equivalent of a baboon? At some point in time did the homo sapiens have battles to eradicate the homo-closer, closer and closest?

Anyway, back to security plus and Bryan Adams greatest hits.


meghanwarby said...

"Everything I Do" - Wow. I own this sheet music & played it in a public recital when I was in Grade 6 at the Parry Sound Salvation Army. I felt so COOL finally playing a pop song in a recital instead of Conservatory classical music. What a flood of memories just swooshing back - I played this on piano at camp too, I used to pack sheet music for pop songs & plunk away on the old clunker in the dining hall. Everything & nothing changes. Music is a beautiful safe refuge from those (neverending?!) awkward moments.

Jamie C said...

Man! I thought about going to see Bryan Adams. Tickets were cheap and no doubt the music nostalgic. I was going to drive up to Selma or wherever it was near Schertz. Why not? Life may be the longest thing we do, but some days it feels shorter than others.

Everything I Do will always be a "classic" for our times.

Much like our class song -- ah it's in my head but heck if I can remember it now. What was it RB? That old old "classic" of sorts. I'm sure we danced to it. Probably the only song I could drag you out on the floor for! :) May how times have not really changed!

SG said...

"how can I kick my own A$$ into shape"
We should organize a wiegh off... Biggest loser style. We both put in $50, at Thanksgiving whoever has lost the most (or gained the least) get the pot, and bragging rights..

I am not big on fad dieting, but being held accountable and a little competition may get you out of the fast food rut..

Just a thought...