Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Step on a steam train, Step out of the driving train, Maybe run from the darkness in the night

This book
talks about how 'too much ownership' causes gridlock in an economy, interesting perspectives, I think about it in terms of how people in the workplace take ownership of 'project a, or project b', which also causes gridlock.

What is the common purpose in a world of individuality? Where's the excitement come from in a world of abundance?

It used to be 'cool' to go to a baseball game, b/c it was a treat, is that still the same these days?, Or are people so 'on guard' protecting themselves from the vulture machine that charges 50 bucks for a shirt and 10 bucks for a beer?

Damn, I remeber and miss the days I used to be a sentimental guy.

Ben Folds
Sentimental Guy

There's a moment in my mind
I scribbled and erased a thousand times
Like a letter never written or sent

These conversations with the dead
I used to be a sentimental guy
Now I'm haunted by the left unsaid

I never thought so much could change
Little things you said or didare part of me,
come out from time to time
Probably no one I know now would notice

But I never thought so much could change
You drifted far awayFar away it seems
Time has stopped, the clock keeps going
People talkin' and I'm watching

As flashes of their faces go black and white
And fade to yellow in a box in an attic
But I never thought so much
Could change, now I don't miss anyone

I don't miss anything
What a shame cause I used to be a sentimental guy

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