Saturday, September 20, 2008

The tedious thoughts of the head of state, Are seldom ever worth revealing, Indelible stains on the human race, You hideous fakes and murderers

Things I've had 'pub talk' speaking about the following generalities --
  1. Red vs. Blue politics
  2. Finding Ms Right
  3. The big game
  4. World Travel
  5. Work and all that --

When I stay at home instead, I read about

  1. The decoupling of risk and reward in the American economic system
  2. The tragedy of the commons and the tragedy of the anticommons
  3. The hot, flat and crowded world, and when more people live the american way, the more strain we put on the planet
  4. Organizing Knowledge
  5. Tapping into undercurrents and looking for root cause analysis

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